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Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance for SBI & it's Associated Banks

Your family’s happiness is priceless. Protect it.

Life has the knack of springing unpleasant surprises like accidents and potentially upsetting one’s dream and causing financial hardship for the family. With SBI General, you can be in control and safe guard your family’s happiness. At SBI General we believe in being with you at every step and help you take control of your life.

Group Personal Accident Insurance for:

SBI Account holders (Master Policy No.68100-0000-00) | Policy Wording  
SBI Account holders (Master Policy No.137300-0000-00) |  Policy Wording  
SBI Account holders (Master Policy No.143820-0000-00) | Product leaflet | Policy Wording
SBI Account holders (Master Policy No.143990-0000-00) | Product leaflet | Policy Wording
SBH Account holders (Master Policy No.143821-0000-00) | Product leaflet | Policy Wording
SBM Account holders (Master Policy No.143822-0000-00) | Product leaflet | Policy Wording
SBBJ Account holders (Master Policy No.143823-0000-00) | Product leaflet | Policy Wording
SBT Account holders (Master Policy No.143824-0000-00) | Product leaflet | Policy Wording
SBP Account holders (Master Policy No.143825-0000-00) | Product leaflet | Policy Wording
GPA Common Claim Form | Claim Form

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Key BenefitsCoverageSum InsuredExclusions

SBI General’s Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy covers:

  • Loss of Life due to Accident
  • The Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy can be bought by any permanent Indian resident having Savings Bank Account/Individual Current Account holders, if opted with State Bank of India or any of its associate banks and aged between 18 years to 65 Years.
  • The Policy covers death due to accident only.
Sum InsuredPremium payable including Service Tax as applicable
Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 100
Rs. 4,00,000Rs. 200
Rs. 10,00,000Rs. 500
Rs. 20,00,000Rs. 1000
  • Our liability under the Policy will not be more than 100% of the Sum Insured as shown in the Certificate of Insurance


Some of the major exclusions are:

  • Suicide & Self Inflicted Injury
  • Persons enrolled in any branch of police, paramilitary, military & armed forces of any Country, whether in peace or war.
  • Accidents under influence of Alcohol, Drugs, or other Intoxicants
  • Participation in Riot, Felony, Crime or Civil Commotion
  • Learning or operating any Aircraft. 
  • War, Civil War, Invasion, Insurrection, Revolution, Act of Foreign Enemy etc,
  • Nuclear Damage
  • Adventure & Dangerous sports
  • Child Birth & Pregnancy
  • Wilful Participation in Illegal act or any Violation or attempted violation of the Law or Resistance to arrest.

For further list of exclusions please refer to the Policy Wording

Telephone1800 22 1111 / 1800 102 1111
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Product Code - GPA0001 (Product codes mentioned are subject to IRDA approval) Disclaimer:The above information is indicative in nature, for more details on complete coverage and terms and conditions, please contact our nearest office and also read the policy document and sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.
Certificate Of Insurance
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