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Tractor & other Farm VehiclesTractor & other Farm VehiclesTractor & other Farm VehiclesTractor & other Farm Vehicles
Tractor and Other FarmsTractor and Other Farm Vehicles Insurance
India is an agriculture based country. Agriculture and farming are the main occupations of the majority of the population of our country outside big cities. At SBI General, we recognise the pivotal role farmers like you are playing in contributing to the growth and development of the country. Unfortunately you are also exposed to the vagaries of the nature that can potentially cripple you sometimes due to accidental damage to your Tractor or other farming vehicles.

With SBI General's Tractor and Other Farm Vehicles Insurance Policy- Package, you can safeguard your Tractor and other Farming Vehicles as well as your dream.

Key FeaturesScopeBonusExclusions
  • This policy provides protection to your all important farming companions such as tractors harvesters, reapers, threshers, chaff cutters, salvage corps vehicle, Lawn movers etc, in addition to the personal accident cover to you and your other family members who may use the vehicle.

This Policy is designed to cover the compulsory Third Party Liability as required by Motor Vehicles Act, together with loss or damage to the Vehicle itself.The Policy also provides cover for:

  • Personal Accident for Paid Driver/cleaner.
  • For an additional Premium, provides the following:
  • Additional Legal Liabilities towards Paid Driver and employee.
  • Bi-fuel Kit.
  • Enhanced PA cover to Owner Driver and Paid Driver.
  • No Claim Bonus Protection.
  • Return to Invoice.
  • This Policy is designed to cover the compulsory Third Party Liability as required by Motor Vehicles Act, together with loss or damage to the Vehicle itself.
  • Third party liability: Protects against any legal liability arising out of the use of the vehicle, towards third parties arising on bodily injury to / on death of a person and any damage caused to third party property.
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle:

The policy covers against any loss or damage caused to the vehicle or its accessories due to the following:

  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition, accidental damage by external means.
  • Any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.
  • Lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide.
  • Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act & terrorist activity.
  • Personal accident cover:
  • The motor insurance provides compulsory personal accident cover of Rs. 2 lakhs for individual owners (available only if the owner of the vehicle holds a valid driving license) of the vehicle while driving. This is not applicable for a Company owned vehicle. Occupants of vehicles can also be covered for Personal Accident for a maximum Capital Sum Insured of Rs 2 lakh per person. You may also now opt for higher limits in Personal Accident cover.
  • Additional Legal liabilities :

The following additional legal liabilities may also be opted for at an additional premium.

  • Paid driver/Cleaner employed in operation of vehicle.
  • Employees travelling in/driving the vehicle other than paid driver.
  • No Claim Bonus(NCB) Protection Cover.

On payment of additional premium, SBI General will maintain the No Claim Bonus (NCB) subject to the following:

  • a) The vehicle is renewed with us.
  • b) There was only one single such claim lodged in the entire Policy period.
  • c) The insured vehicle is repaired in a Company authorised Garage.
  • d) The rate of the NCB allowed at the time of renewal will be same that the insured was enjoying prior to the loss.
  • Return to Invoice Cover:
  • On payment of the additional premium, SBI General will pay the financial shortfall, if any, between the amount Insured receives under section I of the Policy and the Purchase price of the vehicle as confirmed in the Invoice of Sale or current replacement price of new vehicle, whichever is less, in the event, the insured vehicle is a Total Loss/CTL following an accident or stolen during the period of insurance and not recovered. SBI General will also reimburse the first time registration charges and road tax which the Insured had incurred on the insured vehicle. Provided that, insured vehicle is not more than 2 years old from date of invoice/date of registration whichever is earlier on the commencement date of the Policy.

Any loss/damage to the vehicle and/or its accessories will not be covered if caused by the following-

  • Normal wear,tear and general ageing of the vehicle.
  • Depreciation or any consequential loss.
  • Mechanical/ electrical breakdown.
  • Damage caused by overloading or strain.
  • Loss of or damage to accessories by burglary. Housebreaking or theft unless such insured vehicle is stolen at the same time.
  • Vehicle being used otherwise than in accordance with limitations as to use.
  • Damage to / by a person driving the vehicle without a valid license.
  • Damage to / by a person driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or liquor.
  • Loss / damage due to war, mutiny or nuclear risk.
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Product Code - CMVMI01 (Product codes mentioned are subject to IRDA approval) Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature, for more details on complete coverage and terms & conditions, please contact our nearest office and also read the policy document and sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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