Current Openings

  • Operations
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Underwriting & Reinsurance
  • Claims
  • Actuary
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Internal Audit & Risk Management
  • Human Resources
  • Strategy & PMO
  • Information Management (IM)
  • Information Technology
  • Finance & Administration
  • Rural & Agriculture

Operations function believes in providing a delightful experience at all customer touch-points through innovation in processes and technologies delivered by highly motivated and skilled workforce. The team is encouraged to address new challenges, have the willingness to take up higher roles and seek challenging work.

Team operations are actively involved in:

  • Policy Administration & Servicing
  • Claims Support
  • Banking & CMS
  • Contact Centre & Customer Service
  • Generation & Distribution of Business MIS
  • Branch Administration & Facilities Management
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Being a sales driven organization, Sales & Distribution is the most important function for the organization. The organization has a Channel-focused strategy, therefore, developing and planning roles to build and leverage the channel partner network is a prime focus.

With defined hybrid reporting relationships for Branch teams (with regional counter-parts), we ensure optimum balance between serving the business v/s protecting functional priorities. Regional Distribution function focuses on key functional priorities, serves business needs and drives business scalability. While leveraging on the Bancassurance channel through our relationship with the Bank, the continuous focus has also been to expand Agency, Corporate, Broking and Digital Business.

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Underwriting & Reinsurance function primarily comprises of Corporate Underwriting and Underwriting Operations. They work closely to ensure all business objectives are aligned to the Corporate Plan to provide profitable growth and achieve appropriate levels of Underwriting Compliance across all branches and functions.

Some of the major responsibilities of the Corporate Underwriting teams are Portfolio Management, Product Strategy, Risk Appetite, Policy and endorsement wordings, Pricing, Technical Support, Risk Referrals, Underwriting Authority Licensing, Technical Training and Reinsurance. The Corporate Underwriting team is segmented into 3 verticals – Commercial (Property, Engineering, Casualty, Marine), Retail (Motor, Health & PA, Personal Lines) and Underwriting support team. Reinsurance plays an important role in protecting the profitability of the Company by structuring an efficient reinsurance program which protects the balance sheet and removes volatility from the business.

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Claims Function is dedicated to provide prompt, fair and transparent settlement of insurance claims in case of any unfortunate sufferance of loss of their insured property.
Equipped with skilled and well trained manpower and with an extensive network of serving offices in various parts of the country, the Claims function is in a position to deliver excellent claims service to both our retail and corporate customers. With the aid of latest technology SBI General Claims is trying to make the claim settlement process a completely hassle free experience for the insured.

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The actuarial function is the "numbers" function. Using internal data, together with statistics available from industry, actuaries determine the rates to be charged for various types of insurance.
An important part of an actuary’s role is to clearly communicate the financial implications of the results. An actuary function acts as the guiding light and influences important financial decisions for the organization. The mathematical expertise, statistical knowledge, economic and financial analyses and problem solving skills are indispensable to insurers to help evaluate the long-term financial implications of their decisions which could have major impact.

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Legal & Compliance function primarily comprises of 3 core functions, Legal, Compliance and Secretarial.
Some of the key areas covered by the legal team is Agreement/Contracts/MOU's/ LOI for Premises team and managing non-Claims Litigation ( Civil, Criminal, Consumer, High Court, Supreme Court)

The Compliance team primarily takes care of AML/KYC Related Matters, Corporate Agency Inspection and updates on IRDA circulars, returns, rules and regulations and correspondences with GIC/SBI

The Secretarial team ensures that the Company is compliant with its statutory obligations under the Companies Act, 2013 and Rules framed there under. Preparation and conducting Board/Committee/Shareholders Meeting , setting up systems, manuals and processes to run an efficient secretarial function and ensuring various Disclosures and Declaration from Directors etc are some of the other deliverables.

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Maintaining an appropriate and controlled environment is the key to our continued business success.
Internal Audit and Risk Management function is a very important component of Corporate Governance and is a tool available to the Management and the Board to objectively assess and provide positive assurance that the business processes are being carried out in conformity with the stated objectives and the Company policies.

Risk Management team assess the risks that the organization is exposed to and helps develop controls to mitigate these risks, if at all they occur. Fraud Control & Investigation covers Fraud Risk Assessment, Fraud Prevention, Detection, Investigation and Reporting.

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At SBI General, we believe that building people capability and driving them towards organisational success is a must for sustained progress. HR function partners with Business to be the Enabler and People Driver. HR team is totally committed to building a learning organization by attracting, nurturing, developing and retaining the right talent and for optimum organisational value creation.

The key HR functions are Performance & Talent management, Engagement & Communication, Talent acquisition, HR business partnering, HR Operations and Learning & Development.  Driving these  function through our Business is the crux of our People Strategy

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The Strategy & PMO function is responsible for delivering on three primary areas:

  • Strategy, Planning & Budgeting
  • Program Management Office
  • Change Management & Process Governance

The Strategy, Planning & Budgeting team conceives designs and facilitates execution of the company's strategies. It actively manages organizational alignment with corporate strategy and plays an active part in formulating business and support unit strategies so that they are aligned to inturn linked to the company’s strategy. Program Management Office primarily ensures timely completion of all initiatives at organization level with desired quality. Challenging the status quo and delivering better results with further simplified process across organisational processes is the primary responsibility of the Change Management & Process Governance.

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The Information Management (IM) function ensures that the value of data is truly realised by the organization, by providing quality data and timely information to business. IM has two major verticals – Information Quality & Analytics and Business Intelligence

The Information Quality & Analytics vertical aims at building a data sensitive culture through continuous monitoring on key data quality metrics. The team collaborates with branches to run a continuous data quality program. The Business Intelligence (BI) vertical works towards making data accessible in a timely and accurate manner and provide insights to take timely decisions. The Centralised BI team ensures that there is single source of data within the organisation and consistency in maintained in monitoring key metrics.

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The Information Technology (IT) function has built and is currently maintaining a robust state of the art completely Integrated IT Platform consisting of Best-of-Breed Technologies and Customer centric Architecture.

All Business Applications like Core Policy Administration, Financial, Portal, CRM, HRMS, Budgeting, DWBI, Mobility etc. are managed by a team of Business Analysts, Delivery Managers, IT Services Management and Infrastructure Managers. The team works closely with vendors for the development and testing services of various applications.  The IT team is abreast with the latest technologies and infrastructure and is quick to adapt itself with the changes and latest trends in the technology industry.

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Finance & Accounts function covers various aspects which includes true and fair accounting of all Financial transactions, Investments, Premiums, Reinsurance and Coinsurances.

 Also all types of payments relating to vendors, employees, reimbursements, salaries, refunds, claims and commissions pertaining to all branches across India are handled centrally by Finance. Cash management, banking for all premium collection payments along with their respective reconciliations is also a key function of Finance. Given the various laws, compliance & payments of all taxes and related reporting towards statutory & regulatory is also a key task performed by Finance. Finance also to keep management updated about the Budget, Forecasting, Capital planning and various other Financial reports /analysis to provide timely insight on various areas of the company. All these functions help in ensuring that the team members obtain complete knowledge, training and experience to handle complete operational accounting/ financial aspects of the company.

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The Rural & Agriculture team takes care of Pan India insurance relating to agriculture (crop) and other rural products (e.g. Livestock, micro insurance, agri implements etc).  The function offers the opportunity to work with and in Rural India dealing with farmers, social organisations, NGOs and government officials. It offers immense satisfaction to serve the agrarian population through government run and SBI General designed insurance schemes.

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