Take in This Year's Christmas Spirit, Keeping Safety in Mind
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Take in This Year's Christmas Spirit, Keeping Safety in Mind

Christmas sparks the holiday season worldwide. It is comparatively a minor festival in India due to the Christian minority. However, as traditions go in this diverse country, Christian or not, most people embrace the Christmas spirit vigorously and wholeheartedly. They gather as families, exchange gifts, decorate Christmas trees, and spread cheer. As for Roman Catholics scattered across cities like Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kochi, attending a midnight mass is a Christmas tradition. While these celebratory activities are full of joy, they also present health concerns. Read on to learn about them to celebrate a safe Christmas Day on 25th December.

Common health risks during Christmas

While you engage in honouring the birth of Jesus and set out to celebrate the holiday season enthusiastically, you must watch out for these health concerns.

  • Electric hazards
Pretty lights make your space look lively and create a celebratory atmosphere. They are a part of most Indian festivals, including Christmas. While the lights add to the aesthetic appeal, you should pay attention to the hazards they pose. Wires hanging loose are common reasons for electric shocks. Also, old and dysfunctional lights can cause short circuits resulting in physical burns.
  • Contagious illnesses

As Christmas Day is celebrated during winter, the common cold and flu are in the air. When you gather with friends and family to exchange gifts or celebrate, the possibility of spreading such infections increases. The infections may spread and linger in children more than adults due to the former's underdeveloped immune systems.

  • Overindulgence

Mulled wine and eggnog are among the popular alcoholic Christmas beverages. In fact, alcohol consumption is typically high nationwide during this jolly festival, and people are usually in a festive mood until New Year's Eve. Such excessive drinking can cause alcohol poisoning, long-lasting hangovers, high blood pressure, and heart and liver problems.

  • Decorating accidents

Hanging fairy lights, socks, and other decorative elements in and around your home adds to the Christmas cheer. However, such tasks may get out of hand before you realise it. Minor negligence is all it takes to slip from a ladder, resulting in severe injuries and other complications requiring emergency care.

  • Food poisoning

Christmas is the time of indulgence. Foods rich in carbs and sugar are staple items on a Christmas menu. While you relish the lip-smacking plum cake, fudges, mashed potatoes, and roasted chicken, remember to limit your consumption. The high sugar and calorie content can impact your health in the long run. Overindulgence also causes indigestion and food poisoning.

Buy health insurance this Christmas

The above-mentioned health concerns should remind you to be safe during Christmas celebrations. While preventive measures reduce the risk, they do not entirely prevent them. Hence, being prepared is critical. A health insurance policy comes to your rescue in such instances. You can rely on your insurance provider to cover the expenses incurred during medical emergencies. Today, you can purchase insurance online by paying premiums digitally. You can choose from various health insurance plans with varying sums insured per your requirements.

This Christmas, prioritise your health and gift yourself a health insurance policy for medical and financial protection.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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