India Air Force Day 2022: Being Aware of The Occupational Health Risks
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India Air Force Day 2022: Being Aware of The Occupational Health Risks

Recognised among the world's top Air Forces, the Indian Air Force or IAF is responsible for securing the nation's airspace and conducting aerial warfare. The IAF was established in 1932 on the 8th of October by the British Empire. To commemorate the establishment of the IAF, Air Force bases across the country observe Indian Airforce Day. In honour of the 90th Indian Airforce Day, let's shed light on the occupational health problems that Air Force personnel face.

Indian Air Force Day 2022

Observed on the 8th of October each year, Indian Air Force Day commemorates the IAF's establishment in 1932. This special day is celebrated with fly-past and parades at a selected Air Force base. Since 2006, the Air Force Day parade has been held at the Hindan Air Force Station. This year, citizens can view the aerobatics demonstration of combat aircraft like Rafale, Mirage 2000 and Su-30 by IAF's Surya Kiran team.

Occupational Health Risks Faced by IAF Personnel

Due to their diverse role in varying climatic conditions and terrains, IAF personnel are exposed to numerous health risks. They include the following:

Skin Diseases

Air Force officers usually work on the tarmac in the hot sun. Increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause severe dermatitis or life-threatening melanoma. The radiation from jet fuel can also cause skin diseases. Even with protective gear, officers cannot avoid the risk of skin diseases altogether.

Ear Diseases

Aircraft noises at the tarmacs can reach incredibly high levels. The noise from airports can affect surrounding areas of up to 100 square kilometres. One can only imagine the noise from high-speed fighter jets. These noises can lead to a significant amount of hearing loss.

Locomotor Injuries

Due to the physically demanding nature of the Air Force, officers may be at risk from conditions of the spine or extremities. Injuries while flying or maintaining the aircraft are more prevalent. Per a study, locomotor injuries have contributed to more than 50% of prevailing occupational morbidity rates.

Eye Diseases

Continued exposure to UV radiation can cause eye conditions like corneal damage, macular degeneration and cataracts. Moreover, the communication devices used by Armed Forces typically emit Very High Frequency (VHF) waves. Their non-ionising properties can cause thermal injury to body tissues, specifically the eyes. Additionally, radio waves tend to affect the eye lens, which leads to cataracts.

The Importance of Health Insurance for Air Force Personnel

All Air Force officers and their dependents typically enjoy health insurance benefits. However, the sum insured may not be sufficient considering the rising medical costs. Since Air Force officers are at risk of contracting numerous occupational hazards, having an additional health insurance plan can prove beneficial. As an Air Force officer, you can purchase an additional health insurance plan to get maximum coverage. You can customise your health insurance policy by opting for various add-on riders. For instance, you can choose policies with reset benefits that allow you to file claims without exhausting the sum insured.

This Indian Air Force Day, do the right thing for yourself and your family. Invest in health insurance to never have to worry about medical treatment.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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