Onam Sadhya: The Festive Feast of Kerala
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Onam Sadhya: The Festive Feast of Kerala

Onam, the ten–day harvest festival celebrated in Kerala, marks the homecoming of King Mahabali. This year, this auspicious festival falls on the 8th of September. Various traditions, like floral decorations, boat races, cosplaying, etc., are an integral part of Onam celebrations. The festival’s main highlight, however, is Onam Sadhya, an elaborate feast comprising 26 dishes served on a banana leaf. This Onam, enjoy an authentic Onam Sadhya feast comprising these lip–smacking dishes.

Famous Dishes in Onam Sadhya
  1. Shankara Varatti: Shankara Varatti is the sweet version of banana chips made using bananas and jaggery.
  2. Mango Curry: The spicy mango curry is actually a pickle.
  3. Naranga Curry: Naranga curry is a sour lemon pickle that adds a zesty, tangy taste.
  4. Inji Curry: Made with ginger, tamarind and jaggery, inji curry is a sweet and sour curry.
  5. Pachadi: This yoghurt–based curry is made with bitter gourd, pineapple or grated coconut.
  6. Olan: Comprising ash gourd, red beans and coconut milk, Olan is a delicious, unique dish.
  7. Ellisheri: Ellisheri is made with grated coconut, pumpkin, and red beans.
  8. Thoran: Made of vegetables like cabbage, carrots, beans or grated coconut, Thoran is both delectable and healthy.
  9. Chor: Chor or red rice is a staple dish served on the Onam Sadhya platter.
  10. Parripu curry: This healthy curry is made with plain moong daal, red chillies, sesame seeds, and ghee (clarified butter).
  11. Chenna Mezhkkupuratti: Yam is first boiled with spices and then fried in coconut oil to prepare this lip–smacking dish.
  12. Pulissery: Made with curd and seasonal vegetables, Pulissery is topped with grated coconut to add flavour.
  13. Kaalan: This signature dish is made with yams, yoghurt and raw banana/ grated coconut.
  14. Morru Kachiyatha: A Malayali comfort food recipe, Morru Kachiyatha is made by boiling yoghurt with black sesame seeds, onions, ginger, and garlic.
  15. Kootu Curry: This dry curry is prepared with raw bananas, black chana and grated coconut.
  16. Inji Thayir: This delicious dish is made with thinly–sliced ginger, yoghurt, spices and black sesame seeds.
  17. Poovan Pazham: Cardamom (elaichi) bananas are mashed together to create this delicious dessert.
  18. Palada Pradhaman: A dessert dish, Palada Pradhaman is made with milk, dry fruits, and rice and is a crowd–pleaser.
  19. Pazham Pradhaman: Pazham Pradhaman is another sweet dish and is made with rice, cashew nuts, coconut pieces and jaggery.

Besides these 19 unique dishes, Malayali staples like Pappadums, Upperi (banana chips), Neyyi (ghee), Rasam, Sambhar and Khichadi are all part of the elaborate Onam Sadhya meal, making up this delightful 26–dishes platter.

Invest In Health Insurance This Onam

While celebrating festivals, most of us typically tend to go overboard with our meals. While you indulge in delicious meals, ensure you keep your good health in mind. You must practice good eating habits to avoid issues like obesity, gastroenteritis, acid–reflex, etc. It is important to invest in health insurance to take care of the medical costs arising from sudden medical emergencies or planned surgeries. So, this Onam, enjoy the delicious Onam Sadhya feast but remember to invest in health insurance. Happy Onam.

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