Mental Health Red Flags You May Not Notice
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Mental Health Red Flags You May Not Notice

Stress and anxiety are normal repercussions of a busy lifestyle. But they can quickly become severe mental health issues if left ignored. Since such matters are not as easy to detect as physical health problems, you may not notice the warning signs. On this World Mental Health Day, celebrated on 10th October, you should take time to ensure your mental well-being. Try to recognise mental distress signals that go beyond mundane discomfort. Listed below are some common red flags in mental health.

Red Flags in Mental Health

If you feel overworked or burned out frequently, you may notice these signs of mental health problems. Early diagnosis can prevent severe complications.

Social Withdrawal

When you feel low, it is natural to seek personal space. Social interaction is the last thing you can think of when you are anxious. But if you find this becoming a pattern, it signifies trouble. Not wanting to talk to anybody and going through a slump where everything seems draining is a matter of mental health concern.

Irregular Sleep Cycle

A disruptive sleep cycle is neither healthy nor normal. Having trouble sleeping due to disturbing dreams or ruminating thoughts for multiple days is a tell-tale sign of depression. It affects your functioning capabilities as your body does not get proper rest, and you feel disoriented. Excessive sleeping is equally concerning as it causes chronic health conditions.

Dysfunctional Appetite

Our mental state largely influences our eating habits. Different people deal with mental uneasiness in different ways. Some cope with overeating, while others lose their appetite. Both conditions are equally harmful. Ensure you keep a check on how your appetite reacts to your emotional state to address any underlying problems.


Stress and anxiety can reduce your tolerance levels significantly. You can get irritated easily when things do not go your way. This is primarily a momentary phase that passes quickly as it involves a trigger. But you can consider it a red flag when seemingly little things set you off, making you react unusually, and you struggle to regain control and composure.

Inability to Focus

Your thoughts can consume you and make you lose track of time. When you are overwhelmed, you may feel stuck in an unending time loop. Due to this, concentrating on regular activities becomes difficult. Despite your best efforts, you may find it hard to get through tasks that you otherwise excel at and get done with, within no time.

Invest in Health Insurance

Mental health problems are ambiguous and take time to become evident. They can sometimes transcend into physical health issues such as obesity, anorexia, digestive problems, heart problems, etc., making your health twice as vulnerable. That’s why it is critical to invest in health insurance. Your health insurance policy covers you against physical and mental health issues. It protects you against the cost of diagnosis, hospitalisation, and treatment. It also relieves you of the financial stress that accompanies medical treatments.

This World Mental Health Day, ensure to introspect and recognize the looming red flags that may compromise your mental and physical health. Invest in health insurance today.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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