World Thrift Day
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World Thrift Day

World Thrift Day is celebrated on 31st October across the globe and on 30th October in India. It promotes the idea of savings and financial security for an individual and the nation’s economy alike. The first International Thrift Congress dates back to 1924, held in Milan, Italy where the dates were designated for celebrating the day.

What is World Thrift Day?

It emphasizes on the significance of savings which shields you from unexpected crisis situations. It also aids you to further and support your aims and ambitions like having access to quality healthcare and education facilities, owning a home, starting a business and so on.

What can you do?

While you obviously budget your expenses, spend wisely and save, what you need to focus on is safeguarding yourselves and things that you value. General Insurance plans provide financial protection to your assets like car, home, valuables and health from any unforeseen incidents that can pose a future risk. It is always recommended that you chose your protection based on your requirements.

So, this Thrift Day take a step towards securing your and your families’ futures by shielding them against unforeseen financial risks.


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