How To Maintain Your Two Wheeler In The Rainy Season?
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How To Maintain Your Two Wheeler In The Rainy Season?

During the monsoon, the weather is pleasant and everything around you is green and looks fresh. However, if you are a biker, then monsoons bring with it a myriad of problems. You need to be extra careful as you have to make your way through potholes and ride on slippery roads. Yes, you need to take extra care to maintain your bike during the rainy season. So, here we are with some bike maintenance tips that will help your two-wheeler brave the rainy season.

How To Maintain Your Two Wheeler In The Rainy Season?

Here are four simple tips to maintain your bike during the rainy season

  1. Get an anti-rust protection layer applied

    While the monsoon brings much-needed respite from the hot weather, the moisture in the air can cause potential damage to the parts of your two-wheeler. Damp climatic conditions can cause certain parts of the bike to rust. If this is not taken care of, rusting can cause the parts to disintegrate. The best way to protect your bike from rust damage is to ensure that the chain and battery terminals are well-lubricated. A basic motorcycle maintenance tip to prevent rust formation is to apply petroleum jelly on the rubber oil seals.

  2. Choose covered parking spots

    During monsoon, it’s advisable not to park your two-wheeler in the open. Unlike four-wheelers, rainwater can get inside your bike and cause damage to the electrical components, making your bike prone to long-term issues like rusting and electrical failures. So the easiest of all motorbike maintenance tips is to park your bike under a shed. If you are not able to find a shed, then use a waterproof bike body cover to protect it from rain. Also, never park your bike under a tree during monsoon as heavy rain may cause a branch or the tree itself to fall on your two-wheeler and damage it.

  3. Have the tyres checked

    Yet another basic bike maintenance tip for monsoon is to get the tyres checked regularly. Getting tyres checked is critical because the roads tend to be extra slippery during the monsoons. As such, it is very important to keep your tyres in good condition. Make sure the rubber has not worn out and do not wait to change the tyres until they are completely worn out. Old and damaged tyres can increase the risk of accidents and other related incidents leading to vehicle damage.

  4. Service the brakes

    The list of bike maintenance tips in rainy season also includes getting the brakes serviced. Continuous exposure to rainwater can cause the brake pads to get jammed. Before the start of the monsoon, it’s best to have a professional take a look at the brakes and make sure they are functioning well. Also, when you are riding your bike during the rain, maintain a good distance from other vehicles and apply brakes gradually. Applying brakes suddenly on wet roads can cause the bike to skid.

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Now that you know how to protect your bike in rains, follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your bike in a good condition and secure it with a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Having two-wheeler insurance is legally mandatory in India. It protects your bike against theft, calamities, and other risks.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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