Trying to Pack too much?
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Trying to Pack too much?

Trying to pack too much? Ten genius space saving tips to pack your suitcase

A business trip or a family holiday, travel by train or air, domestic or international, if there are two elements that are common, they are the excitement of a journey, and the stress of packing your bags.With airlines being stricter with their baggage policy, you may get to check in one bag or maximum two depending upon the destination and airline. Similarly, if you are travelling by train, the prospect of lugging or pulling your bags from one platform to another, over long and high bridges, to your compartment and berth is daunting even for the strongest, hardened passenger. Therefore, a primary requirement ahead of every trip is to ensure that you travel light and smart and try and fit everything you need for your trip into one bag, so that it does not exceed weight limitations, and is easy for you to carry yourself. A piece of cake? Yes, absolutely, especially if you follow these simple but effective tips below:

1)Organise your Jewellery

We usually pack all our jewellery in a pouch and stuff it in our bag, and then when you open the bag you realise that it is all tangled. To avoid such a situation, place your jewellery sets between sheets of plastic wrap, this will restrict their movement. For dainty chains, string the ends through straw to prevent them from tangling. To pack your earrings, organise them in a pill case compartment or in an old lip balm container. If you are packing really small studs, then fasten them through buttonholes.

2)Crease proof clothes

When you are packing clothes that wrinkle easily, lay them flat inside a plastic dry-cleaning bag, and then fold as normal. The plastic will prevent creases from setting in.

3)Roll your clothes

For saving space, roll your clothes instead of folding them. You will be surprised by how much more you can fit this way.

4)Cover Shoes

Keep the dirty soles of your shoe away from your clothes by sticking them inside a shower cap.

5)Utilise empty spaces

Stuff socks inside one shoe, so that it is easy for you to find them and it also saves space. The other shoe could be used to stuff bath products that won’t burst inside, such as shampoo bottle or shower gel.

6)Packing breakables

To protect your favourite perfume bottle from breaking, slip it into thick socks.

7)Hairpins in a box

Sometimes searching for hairpins in a big purse is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Store the hairpins and clips in an old tic tac container for easy access.

8)Avoid Bulky bottles

Instead of packing big bulky bottles of lotion, for a quick weekend trip, just pour a little bit of the product into a clean contact case or small air tight container.

9)Packing liquids

To prevent liquid products from bursting and ruining everything else inside your bag, cut a small square of plastic wrap, unscrew the product’s lid, set the plastic wrap on top and secure it with a rubber band, then screw the lid back on. This way even if the lid pops open, no product can spill out.

10)Cap for your razor

If your razor doesn’t have a protective cap or the cap has broken, use a large binder clip to cover the sharp blades.

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