8 Car Maintenance Tips Every Motorist Should Know
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8 Car Maintenance Tips Every Motorist Should Know

Owning a car is a matter of great convenience, allowing you to travel as per your wishes. However, as a car owner, it’s your responsiblity to abide by the traffic laws and maintain your vehicle in good shape. For instance, you must purchase car insurance to legally drive your vehicle on Indian roads. Similarly, there are specific car care tips that will come in handy in keeping your vehicle fit for driving. This article will inform you about general car maintenance tips that you should follow.

Basic vehicle maintenance tips you must follow
  1. Users’ Manual: The users’ manual that accompanies your vehicle is instrumental and will provide you with all the information you need about your car. From specifications to safety measures, this owner’s manual can help you prevent even minor issues. Go through the manual and always keep it handy so you can refer to it when needed. You can also find a version online, on your car company’s website.

  2. Tyre Pressure: Issues with your car’s tyres can leave you stranded in the midst of travelling. Thus, you should check the tyre pressure of your vehicle and get them refilled when required. When you do so, your tyres will go through less wear and tear, remaining in good condition for extended periods. Overall, check your tyres for cracks, punctures, and other signs of damage.

  3. Warning Lights: It is crucial that you learn how to identify the various warning lights and what they signify. These lights flash to indicate that your car requires upkeep in certain areas. When you pay attention to these lights, you can handle issues earlier and maintain your car as needed. You can learn about the meanings of the different warning lights in your car’s user manual.

  4. Engine: Your car’s engine is of utmost importance, so you must ensure that you keep it clean. Plus, fixing significant issues with your engine later on, can get expensive, so try to tackle them earlier. You should make sure to use clean fuel and clean the engine regularly for optimal use. Also, keep an eye out for oil leakage and dust build–up to prevent engine damage.

  5. Battery: To make sure that your vehicle runs smoothly, you have to take care of your car’s battery. You can go through the user manual to learn more about the location of the battery. You can also understand more about the basic upkeep you need to follow, including how to clean the terminal contacts.

  6. Brake Fluid: For your car brakes to function correctly, they require brake fluid. If there isn’t adequate brake fluid, your car brakes can stop working, leading to massive accidents or collisions. Again, you can refer to the user manual to gauge how much brake fluid is needed. An added tip is to look at the colour of brake fluid, since a darker shade indicates that a change is necessary.

  7. Lubricants and Oil Filter: Your car is a collection of moving parts that work in tandem due to a supply of lubricants. For instance, the oil absorbs the heat generated due to friction; however, you must remember to change it regularly as it can get contaminated. Plus, your car comes with an oil filter that keeps the oil clean and contamination–free. However, you must also remember to change the oil filter from time to time to avoid a build–up of dust and dirt.

  8. Spark Plug: Spark plugs help start the engine of your car. However, a faulty spark plug can cause difficulties while starting your car. It is pretty simple to identify a faulty spark plug; your engine starts only after you insert a key in the ignition a few times.

Apart from these tips, it is also a good idea to maintain your car by opting for a professional car washing service. Now that you know more about car maintenance tips, make sure to keep your vehicle up to the mark to enjoy safe driving. Also, keep your car insurance coverage renewed so that you are financially protected against the unforeseen.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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