Top Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe
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Top Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

Driving is an acquired skill. You need to learn to operate the steering wheel, gears, accelerator and brakes and ensure to maintain the proper distance between vehicles. While it is typically easy to drive on empty roads, doing so during rush–hour traffic, uncertain terrains and unpredictable weather conditions is a whole other challenge. In this article, we have listed a few safe driving tips that can prove helpful for beginners.

Defensive Driving Tips for Beginners

The following are some helpful car driving tips for beginners.

  • Understand the mechanisms in your car

    Car mechanisms differ based on the car type, size, and transmission. Thus, it would help if you get acquainted with your car’s basic layout before taking it out on the road. Having theoretical knowledge like how to use various buttons, how to manoeuvre and park your vehicle, etc., is just as important as learning to drive. You must know how the various signal indicators work and use them before switching lanes.

  • Buckle up before taking to the roads

    Fastening the seatbelt is among the most essential tips for new drivers. You must buckle up the minute you get into the car, even though you may find driving with a seatbelt a little uncomfortable. Wearing the seatbelt proves beneficial during accidents and collisions and reduces injuries considerably. It is also mandatory, and traffic authorities may penalise you if you are found driving without a fastened seatbelt.

  • Keep your hands on the steering wheels at all times

    Keeping your car in control is the most basic safe driving tip, and the way to achieve it is to ensure both your hands are on the steering wheel. You should maintain a steady grip in the 10–and–2 position, which allows you to control the car comfortably, and with maximum ease.

  • Avoid talking on the phone and other distractions

    While driving, you must focus on the road and avoid all sorts of distractions. Do not talk on your mobile phone, even if you own a hands–free device. The conversation could distract you and endanger your and other people’s lives. If you must attend a call, park your car in a safe spot and then carry on with the conversation. But avoid talking on the phone while your vehicle is in motion.

  • Avoid driving while you are stressed

    Another critical safe driving tip to remember is to drive only when you are in a relaxed state of mind. Driving while you are stressed can have dangerous repercussions on your and pedestrians’ lives. Stress hampers your judgement, throws you off balance and makes you vulnerable to accidents. Such incidents only add to your worries, so it is best to avoid driving while you are stressed.

Invest in Car Insurance

While you may follow various safe driving tips, you must also purchase a good car insurance policy. In India, all vehicle owners are mandated to invest in third–party vehicle insurance plans. However, buying a comprehensive car insurance policy that covers you against accidents, vehicle damage, theft, etc., proves advantageous. Comprehensive car insurance provides relief during stressful roadside incidents leading to legal and financial liabilities.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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