Car Parking Tips: A Guide on Parking Your Car Safely
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Car Parking Tips: A Guide on Parking Your Car Safely

Vehicle theft has emerged as a rapidly growing crime in India, with almost 100 cases reported each day in urban areas. To ensure that your vehicle remains safe from theft or damage, you must learn how to park it appropriately. Here are a few car parking techniques to make your life easier.

Tips on How to Park Cars Safely

  • Choose dedicated parking spaces: Parking your car in an unauthorized place can lead to the theft of your vehicle. Also, according to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act of 2019, you might have to pay a penalty of Rs 5000 if your vehicle is found parked in a ‘no parking zone’. Thus, you must always park your vehicle in dedicated parking spaces only. Such spaces include parking lots, garages, roadside parking zones, open parking, etc. Parking zones generally have security to prevent theft of your car. You can also avoid paying a hefty fine by parking in authorized spaces.

  • Park close to other vehicles: Try to park your car close to other vehicles and in places with proper lighting. However, ensure that you are not parking too close to the back or front bumper of another vehicle and blocking access or room for manoeuvring. Well–lit areas discourage criminals from accessing your car and allow you to survey the area surrounding the parking spot.

  • Avoid parking close to large vehicles: While it is a good idea to park your car close to another vehicle that is similar in size, avoid parking close to too large vehicles like vans, buses, trucks, etc. Large vehicles can obstruct your pathway and cause difficulty when you want to drive your car. They also serve as potential hiding spots for thieves or attackers trying to target your car.

  • Take precautions during parallel or reverse parking: Parking your car parallel to other vehicles can be quite challenging. Thus, you should take an extra measure of care while attempting reverse or parallel parking. Following certain tips, while engaging in these types of parking can help you avoid collisions or damage. For instance, drive until you find a parking space big enough to contain your car comfortably. Make sure to use both side mirrors to look out for obstacles and then reverse with caution. Keep attempting to nail the parking technique even if you fail at first. Make sure to position your car so that there are gaps between the cars in front and behind.

  • Never leave valuables in the car: After parking, ensure that you roll the windows up and lock the doors properly. Also, do not leave valuables like expensive gadgets, jewellery, or a phone in your parked car as it may attract criminals to try to break into your car. Also, remember to remain cautious while walking alone in an empty parking lot, especially if you have valuables on you.

  • Make sure you have motor insurance: Simply knowing how to park cars is not enough to prevent damage or theft to your vehicle. Sometimes, theft can occur even if you take all measures of precaution. In such a situation, a comprehensive car insurance plan can prove helpful. Comprehensive car insurance covers you against third–party claims, natural disasters, own damage in accidents, and theft.

  • Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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