What Is Car Engine Protection Cover?
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What Is Car Engine Protection Cover?

Most of us are under this misconception that when we buy a comprehensive car insurance policy for our four-wheelers, we are protected from financial losses that may arise from damage caused in an accident.

The regular comprehensive motor insurance policy usually never covers any damages to the engine and its adjoining parts like crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, etc. in any situation. If you want to be protected from repair expenses of your vehicle’s engine, then you have to buy an additional cover called Car Engine Protection Cover, in addition to the regular comprehensive policy. Engine protection cover is one of the most useful add-ons that compensate you for any repair or replacement of the vehicle’s engine or its parts, which could have otherwise cost you lakhs of rupees.

When does the engine get damaged?

The engine can get damaged after any physical impact due to collision with another vehicle causing leakage of lubricant oil or damage to components such as gearbox, pistons, connecting rods, etc.

The engine can be affected if the vehicle is submerged in water due to flooding etc., causing water ingression, or even hydrostatic lock (engine failure when you try to start a wet engine).

Who should buy engine protection add-on cover?

The engine protection cover in car insurance can be especially useful for people mentioned as under:

  • Those who have bought a new car and want all-round protection for their vehicle

  • Those who have luxury cars; getting the engine repaired or replaced for such cars can cost a bomb

  • Those who live in flood-prone areas as the chances of water ingression and engine damage are high

  • Those who think they won’t be able to afford such a huge expenditure of engine replacement/repair (over a lakh of rupees even for the smallest cars) if ever the need arises. The engine protection in car insurance can truly prevent your car from turning into junk.

Inclusions of engine protection add-on cover

Though the exact inclusions may vary from plan to plan and insurer to insurer, here are some of the expenses that are broadly covered by every insurance provider under the engine protection cover: /

  • Any damage due to the leakage of lubricant or oil inside the engine

  • Any damage due to the water ingression inside the car’s engine

  • Repair/ replacement of an engine’s internal parts such as crankshaft, cylinder head, pistons, piston sleeve, connecting rods, engine bearings, oil pump, etc

  • Repair/ replacement of the affected parts of the gear box, differential or transmission assembly such as gear shafts, shifter, synchronizer rings/sleeves, actuator, sensor, etc

  • Labour charge involved in the replacement/repair of the damaged internal parts

  • Cost of nuts, bolts, lubricating oil, coolant and other consumables used during engine repair

  • Engine damage due to hydrostatic lock (engine failure that occurs when you repeatedly try to start a wet engine)

Exclusions of engine protection add-on cover

Here are some of the expenses that are usually not covered by the engine protection cover in car insurance:

  • Any damages due to normal wear and tear

  • Any damages about which the insurer was not informed within the due timeline

  • Any repair carried out without informing the insurance company first

  • Any damage caused to the engine in an accident where the driver was found driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances

  • Any damage caused to the engine in an accident where the driver was found to have an invalid driving licence/without a driving licence

  • Any damage caused to the engine when the vehicle was involved in illegal racing

  • Any damages to the engine that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or are under any recall scheme

Things to remember when you buy car insurance with engine protection

When you buy the engine protection cover from any insurer, there are certain points you should keep in mind before taking your decision. However, also take note of the fact that exact terms and conditions of every insurer are different. So, do ask your insurer for exact details of the engine protection cover.

  • Typically, this add-on cover comes with a limited validity and only one or two claims are allowed during the policy period (depending on the insurer). If you have already reached your limit for the number of times you can raise the claim, you may have to buy the add-on cover again for future protection

  • Mostly, the engine protection cover can only be bought for cars that are not more than 5 years old. Hence, if you have a car that’s older than that, then you may not be able to purchase this add-on cover at all

  • Remember that when you buy this cover, inform your insurer at the earliest whenever you think that your car’s engine has suffered some damage and you might be raising a claim. Initiating an on-the-spot survey by the insurer helps in improving the chances of your claim getting settled.

    Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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