Five Stages of Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Five Stages of Health Insurance

With age, your health needs more attention, hence it is quintessential to pick the right health cover at every life stage, to ensure that you have the appropriate protection throughout your life pan.

Health is undeniably the most important asset of your life. However, as you progress through every stage of life, your priorities change and so does your health. To enjoy most of the health cover, it is important to modify it according to the changing needs. Read on to know you can enjoy real protection throughout your life.

Young Single

Most people think about buying an independent health cover whilst they are just about settling in their first jobs. The primary aim of the insurance is to save taxes. While it is important to save taxes, your plan must cover these three important risks – Hospitalisation, Accident Treatment and Dental cover.

The need for hospitalisation is to cover the expenses for common diseases and other ailments. You can fall prey to Dengue or Chikungunya even when you are young and healthy. Youngsters have a very active lifestyle; hence the Accident Treatment cover will help, in the event of a mishap. Dental cover is a requirement irrespective of age, hence this cover will save you major unexpected expenses.


Usually by late 20s or early 30s, one starts planning the next stage of life, marriage. This is the time you must re-evaluate the cover you have and think beyond personal health requirement. Your health insurance must now offer benefits such as; Family floater, Maternity cover and Comprehensive cover.

While the Family floater protection covers you and your spouse, the Maternity cover is for the birth of your first born. The post-natal protection covers the new born and offers you a choice of including the child in the family protection plan. The Comprehensive cover fills the gaps in protection that the company or group health insurance policy offers, because quite often the group insurance policies does not provide complete coverage.


As one grows older, merely maintaining health is not enough. It is imperative to shift your focus to regular diagnostic checks and other preventive measures. You must continue with the family floater plan to take care of the growing needs of the family. Children may fall ill frequently and may require hospitalisation. Even a small thing like a fracture could leave a hole in your pocket temporarily.

Middle age is the right time to opt for critical illness policies. Critical illness policy is different from a regular health insurance policy, as it offers you a lump sum amount upon the diagnosis and survival through listed critical illness. You can choose to take cover for a specific illness such as Cancer or any other based on your family history. If you are not sure of the specific illness, then it is recommended to take a broader cover of critical illness policy.

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