A Beginner’s Guide on How to Boost Metabolism
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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Boost Metabolism

Whether it is to lose weight or feel more energetic, boosting your metabolism does the trick. While some people are born with a high metabolism, others are not so lucky. However, you can navigate through factors like age and genetics and increase your metabolism simply by adopting certain tips and tricks into your life.

How to increase your metabolism?

Here are some lifestyle changes to incorporate if you’re wondering how to improve metabolism.

  1. Build muscle: Your body is constantly burning calories, even while you are sitting idle. However, the resting metabolic rate is much higher for people who have more muscle. Muscles tend to burn more calories than fat, and that difference adds up over time. Thus, when you opt for strength training, your average daily metabolic rate increases.

  2. Boost your workout: Although aerobic exercise does not help build muscle, it can jump–start your metabolism hours after a workout. The key is to opt for high–intensity workouts since they provide a longer rise in metabolic rate. You can do so by joining a gym or trying short bouts of jogging during your walks.

  3. Drink water: To process calories, you need to stay hydrated and drink water. Even mild dehydration slows down your metabolism. As per research, adults who drink eight or more glasses of water a day burn a greater number of calories than those who drink around four glasses.

  4. Snack smartly: Eating often at regular intervals can help you if you want to lose weight. This is because when you eat two large meals with long hours in between, your metabolism slows down. Thus, keep having meals or snacks every 3–4 hours, or when you feel hungry, and make sure your metabolism stays active.

  5. Consume protein: Your body tends to burn more calories when it is digesting proteins when compared to fats or carbohydrates. Thus, ensure you eat a balanced diet and replace excess carbs with lean and protein–rich foods that can elevate your metabolism.

  6. Drink black coffee: When consumed in moderation, coffee provides several benefits. One such benefit is a short–term rise in your metabolic rate. It can also make you feel less tired and improve your endurance while exercising.

  7. Have green tea: Drinking green tea gives you the added benefits of caffeine and catechins, both substances that can boost your metabolism for a few hours. As per research, if you drink 2–4 cups of tea, you can burn 17% more calories during a moderately intense exercise routine.

  8. Avoid crash diets: Eating less than the required caloric intake is detrimental to your metabolism and overall health. While crash diets can help you with weight loss, they do so at the cost of your nutritional health. Plus, such diets are not sustainable as they cause you to lose muscle, slowing down your metabolism. In the end, you end up with a slow metabolism and weight gain.

Now that you know more about how to boost metabolism, you can use these tips to create a lifestyle that suits you. If you have any existing health conditions, do check with your doctor before making any drastic changes in your levels of physical activity and diet. Also, do keep a health insurance policy active with adequate coverage as one never knows when ill health strikes.

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