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Indian Army Day: Seven Interesting Facts About The Indian Army

As Indian citizens, we owe a great debt of gratitude to our Armed Forces. We enjoy privileges like being able to live safely, thanks to the Indian Army and other wings of the armed forces. Their contribution towards maintaining national security and defending the country from external and internal threats signifies their highest levels of patriotism. This Army Day, let’s learn some interesting facts about the Indian Army that will fill your heart with pride.

Significance Of Indian Army Day

Every year, the 15th of January is observed as Army Day in India. It marks the day Field Marshal Kodandera Madappa Cariappa was named the first Indian Commander–in–Chief of the Indian Army in 1949. Field Marshal Cariappa took over the position from General Francis Roy Bucher, the last British Commander–in–Chief. The country celebrates Army Day with parades and military shows. The main parade is held at Cariappa Parade ground in Delhi.

Seven interesting facts about the Indian Army

Here are some amazing Indian Army facts you ought to know.

  1. The Indian Army is the world’s largest–standing all–volunteer Army, comprising over 1.2 million active troops and 0.9 million reserve troops.

  2. In the first World War, 1.3 million Indian soldiers fought alongside the Allies. Over 74,000 troops were killed or went missing in action. The India Gate memorial in Delhi commemorates the soldiers who perished during this war.

  3. In 2022, the Global Firepower Index ranked the Indian Army the fourth mightiest worldwide, after USA, Russia and China. The rank was determined based on parameters like military strength, financials, logistical capability and geography.

  4. The Bailey Bridge in Ladakh, the world’s highest bridge, was built by the Indian Army in 1982. The bridge is situated at an altitude of 18,739 feet (5602 metres) above the mean sea level and is 98 feet (30 metres) long.

  5. The Indian Army was part of Operation Rahat, the largest civilian rescue and relief operation during the 2013 North India floods. While the Indian Air Force (IAF) airlifted over 19,600 stranded in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the Indian Army rescued over 10,500 persons by road and army helicopters.

  6. The Indian Army controls the Siachen Glacier – the world’s highest battlefield. The glacier is also the second–longest in the non–polar areas of the world. It has an altitude of 18,875 feet (5753 metres). India spent approximately USD 2 million per month to support the stationed personnel in 2004.

  7. The 61st Cavalry Regiment is one of the largest horse–mounted cavalry units of the Indian Army. It is also one of the world’s last operational and unmechanised horse cavalry units.

Health insurance for Army personnel

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