Best Motorbike Riding Tips for Females
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Best Motorbike Riding Tips for Females

Riding a bike is both a convenient means to travel and a hobby for motorbike enthusiasts. As more women take control of the gear, there is an uptick in the number of female riders. If you ride a bike, preparation is the key. Considering safety and honing your riding skills is essential. It makes the overwhelming bike riding experience seem simple. In this article, we have enlisted some useful tips for female motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Riding Tips for Women

Listed below are some valuable tips for female motorcycle riders.

Prioritise comfort

Starting slow is how you gain confidence while riding a bike. You need not directly delve into busy streets or highways. New riders must explore their comfort level and keep going from there. Trudge into challenging territories after you crack the basics. Remember, even after years of riding, there is always a learning curve to consider while exploring difficult roads.

Invest in bike gear

Protective gear, including helmets, gloves, boots, etc., reduce high impact even if you get into an accident. You could also invest in a leather jacket and padded pants for heavy–duty rides. Ensure they fit you right and are of good quality material. Wear them regardless of the distance you travel, as mishaps can happen anytime.

Tuck away your hair

When you are on the road, focusing is crucial. This may get compromised with unruly hair blowing across your face due to wind. Thus, securing your hair in place is one of the essential two–wheeler riding tips for women. Wearing a scarf before putting on your helmet is an excellent option to tuck away unruly hair.

Choose a proper model

The two–wheeler model you choose significantly impacts your riding experience. You should be able to handle your vehicle with ease. It helps to research options based on your needs and budget. Test various bikes to get a feel of the weight, seat height, and positioning before shortlisting a two–wheeler. You could also ask for models suitable for women riders.

Learn about bike maintenance

Getting access to a garage is not always possible. Moreover, you may end up getting charged heftily. Knowing your way around the essential parts of your bike helps in such situations is helpful. Learn about maintenance to solve minor issues and keep your two–wheeler in pristine condition. Get acquainted with the bike parts and their necessary maintenance routine.

Dress appropriately

The wind flaps your clothing when you are on a two–wheeler riding at high speed. You may get distracted while adjusting your clothing, which can prove fatal. It also causes discomfort, which affects your riding experience. Wear fitted clothes to avoid this and have better riding concentration.

Protect Your Ride with Vehicle Insurance

Following these riding tips for women reduces your chances of getting into accidents. But the possibilities are never zero. For maximum safety, you must purchase two–wheeler insurance. Motor Insurance for third–party liabilities is mandatory in India. However, we recommend investing in a comprehensive bike insurance plan that safeguards your financial interests by offering maximum coverage against accidents, vehicle loss, damage, etc. You can also customise such policies.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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