Six basic car-care tips to keep your car running smoothly
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Six basic car-care tips to keep your car running smoothly

  • Read your manual Some people don’t read the owner’s manual because they’re confident they know about their car. Others are intimidated by it. But the manual contains helpful information about the functions of your car and the warning signs to watch out for. It also gives you a maintenance schedule and tells you what services need to be performed each time, so you can ensure your service centre isn't padding on unnecessary spares and services.
  • Don’t miss scheduled services – and stick to authorised centres Using an authorised service centre not only guarantees genuine parts and quality advice, but also ensures your car has a fully-documented service history which will help its resale value. Each scheduled service involves repairing or replacing key parts which help your vehicle running efficiently and safely. Regular services can also spot problems like rust before they become serious.
  • Get protection Use bumper protectors and Teflon tape to keep your bumpers safe from scratches and dents. Likewise, door-edges are prone to get scratched against another car or a wall when opening the door of a parked car. It is much cheaper to replace a door guard or bumper protector than it is to get scratches repaired, and it will mean fewer trips to the service station for invasive body repairs, which will also help your car’s resale value.
  • Monitor your oil and coolant levels The engine is the most expensive part of your car. Engine oil cools, cleans and lubricates your engine, and low oil levels could make the engine grind, seize or stall. You could even void your warranty and risk expensive (and uninsured) engine failure if your oil levels drop significantly. Meanwhile, low coolant levels cause the engine to overheat, damaging it over time. You can check your engine oil levels by inserting a dipstick, and coolant levels by just looking at the fluid level in the translucent tank.
  • Wash it properly Dust, bird droppings, dirt and moisture can build on your vehicle and strip away wax and paint, including the sealants that help protect the metal from rust. Wash your car frequently, but use special car-cleaning fluids and polishes, not ordinary soap or detergent, because these too can damage the car body (NB: Wash off bird droppings as quickly as you can).
  • Keep your car covered Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight, as this causes paint to fade. Use a waterproof car body cover as it protects your car against scratches, sunlight, water and bird droppings.

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