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The Compulsory Personal Accident or CPA cover in car insurance is a standalone insurance cover for all car insurance policies, irrespective of whether it’s a third-party or comprehensive insurance.

Brought into effect in January 2019, a CPA cover is mandatory for all types of vehicles, be it cars, two wheelers or commercial vehicles. It provides drivers financial protection against accidents that lead to bodily injuries or death.

In essence, the CPA cover in car insurance is a critical component of any car insurance policy. It not only fulfils a legal requirement but also provides substantial financial support in the event of an accident. This cover, with its significant benefits and affordable cost, is an indispensable part of motor insurance, offering peace of mind and financial protection to car owners.

Let's understand what the CPA cover in car insurance means and why it’s an essential aspect of your car insurance policy.

What is CPA Cover in Car Insurance?

CPA cover in motor insurance is a compulsory policy feature that provides a lump sum benefit in the unfortunate event of accidental death or permanent disability of the owner-driver. The minimum amount of cover that is offered through the CPA cover is Rs 15 lakh.

This cover is mandated by law and is included in every motor insurance policy. The idea behind what is CPA cover in car insurance is to offer financial support to the policyholder or their family in case of a serious mishap while driving or riding in the insured vehicle.

Benefits of a Mandatory Personal Accident Policy Cover

The CPA benefits in car insurance are numerous. Let’s review them.

  1. Policyholders can get a cover with minimum documentation and without having to undergo a medical test.
  2. It ensures a financial safety net for the policyholder’s family, providing them with a degree of financial security in case of an accident resulting in the policyholder's death or permanent disability. This also means that the insured’s family can help pay off any liability that may arise from the accident.
  3. Another key benefit is the universal coverage aspect. Regardless of who is at fault in the accident, the CPA cover will provide the agreed-upon compensation. This is a relief in situations where determining fault can be complex and time-consuming. The claim process is also fairly simple.
  4. The CPA cover in motor insurance is quite affordable compared to the amount of coverage it offers. For a relatively small premium, you get a substantial coverage amount, which makes it a valuable addition to your car insurance policy.
  5. The simplicity of claim process under CPA cover is another advantage. Unlike other types of insurance claims, the process for claiming under the CPA cover is relatively straightforward, making it easier for the beneficiaries to avail of the benefits without unnecessary hassle.
  6. CPA policies typically offer worldwide coverage, meaning the insured or their family will get the financial benefit even if an accident takes place abroad.
  7. CPA covers can also be customised by the customer to suit their needs. They also offer lifelong renewability.


Car insurance offers you numerous benefits such as cover against different events, depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy document. It safeguards you and finances in an unexpected situation such as an accident and/or your car getting stolen. In addition to this, four-wheeler insurance also provides the coverage for the expenses incurred due to third-party damage. You can also transfer your car insurance.

So, you should secure your finances with the right car insurance. While selecting the right plan for you, you must consider factors such as the premium rate, along with coverage and benefits provided by the plan. The rate of premiums for car insurance can change with the plan and extra riders that you may choose to add to your policy. You can also estimate the premium amount you may have to pay for your car insurance with the help of car insurance price calculator.


What is CPA cover in car insurance?
CPA cover in car insurance is a mandatory policy feature that provides financial protection in case of accidental death or permanent disability of the owner-driver.

Is CPA cover mandatory in motor insurance?
Yes, CPA cover in motor insurance is a mandatory requirement for every vehicle owner as per Indian law.

How much coverage does CPA provide?
The coverage amount varies, but generally, CPA offers a significant lump sum in case of accidental death or permanent disability.

Can I opt-out of CPA cover?
No, given its mandatory nature, you cannot opt-out of CPA cover in motor insurance.

Does CPA cover provide financial support for injuries?
Yes, it provides financial support in the case of permanent disability due to an accident involving the insured vehicle.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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