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Have you ever wondered what attracts burglars to homes? What makes them feel that they can rob your house and get away easily? The answer is quite simple. Burglars look for homes that are easy targets – those where they can break in easily, get what they want, and take off quickly. In this article we discuss some burglary facts that put a house at risk, and how you can safeguard your house from burglars

  1. Overgrown shrubs - Do you have large hedges or shrubs around your property? If yes, then trim them because a house surrounded by large hedges and shrubs is an ideal target for burglars. Make it hard for burglars to find a hiding place around your home with short hedges. Also, a trimmed garden increases the visibility and helps your neighbours and pedestrian onlookers notice and report any type of activity or situation that seems alarming or unusual

  2. The location of your house - A common home burglary fact is that miscreants are always on the lookout for isolated houses. If your house secluded, it is in real danger from burglars. Homes that are located far away from the main road or distant from neighbouring properties are usually at high risks. Such properties are vulnerable because there are fewer neighbours to notice and report the crime

  3. Poor lighting - Another fact that puts your home at burglary risk is poor lighting. If your house has poor lighting around the entry points, you need to fix it and install brighter lights. Remember, burglars don’t like to be seen. A house with poor lighting, especially around the entrance points, makes for an easy target. Installing motion-sensing lights can help you add an extra layer of security to your house. These lights detect any outside movement and trigger a reaction that turns on the lights automatically.

  4. Weak entry points -Does your house have worn and decaying window and door frames? Houses with weak entry points (from old rusty bolts and easily compromised locks to weak door frames) are at high burglary risks

  5. Home security system - If you want to know what causes property crime rates to reduce, the answer is simple – a home security system. Burglars are less likely to target houses that have security alarms and CCTV cameras installed. Regularly check your home security system to ensure that they’re in good condition and are operating properly.

  6. Although a good security system protects your home, at the same time you can’t be lax on basic security measures such as keeping your windows open while you're away even for a short period of time. Houses whose residents are careless about basic security measures are easy targets for burglary risks. It is also important to invest in the right home insurance so that your household contents are protected should the worst happen.

    Home insurance: secure your home and belongings

    Getting your house covered with insurance offers you a peace of mind as you will get financial help in the event of burglary or theft. With SBI General Simple Home Insurance Policy you can insure your house and household contents against burglary and theft.

    Other benefits of SBI General Simple Home Insurance Policy

    Other than burglary and theft including larceny, the home insurance policy also covers the following:

  7. Damage due to fire and special perils such as explosions, storms, floods and earthquakes

  8. Domestic appliances and electronics failure

  9. Public liability

  10. Damage to securely fixed plate glass

  11. Damage, theft or accidental loss of personal baggage

  12. Personal accident

  13. Loss of cash whilst in transit

  14. Key replacement

To buy and renew home insurance online or to generate a home insurance quote, visit https://www.sbigeneral.in/home-insurance/simple-home-insurance

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