Advantages of Routine Health Check-Up in Medical Insurance
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Advantages of Routine Health Check-Up in Medical Insurance

Did you know that your health insurance plan comes with health check–up benefits? This means that you can avail a free health check–up at a network hospital or clinic because of the coverage you bought. This wonderful benefit given by insurers holds many advantages for you as a policyholder. Let’s look a bit more closely at free health check–up benefits in medical insurance.

How to Claim Health Check Up Benefits?

The free health check–up comes included as a part of your medical insurance plan. To utilise this benefit, you simply need to complete a certain number of claim–free years with your current health insurance policy. Generally, this period is set at around 4 years. Once you complete this period without raising any claims, you can reach out to your insurer to ask them for this benefit.

Once you raise a request for the free health check–up, your insurer will send you a confirmation of your request. You can take this confirmation letter to a network hospital to get the diagnostic tests done. Do bear in mind that you may have to call up the hospital in advance to let them know you are availing of this benefit.

The process of claiming the free health check up can vary slightly between insurance companies. Some may cover the tests upfront so that you enjoy a cashless process whereas others may reimburse you for the test costs.

Advantages of Routine Health Check–Up in Medical Insurance

There are many benefits to having a free health check up included in your coverage. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Helps in early diagnosis of diseases: Going for a routine health check–up can help you stay in touch with your health. Many diseases show no initial symptoms, until they have progressed to more advanced stages. If these conditions get diagnosed early on, the overall prognosis is usually much better. This is one of the benefits of regular health check–up tests that your insurer wants you to enjoy.

  2. Saves money spent on tests: As we all know, medical tests are also quite expensive and can run into several thousands of rupees. Having this benefit as part of your insurance will save you a fortune.

  3. Covers common medical tests: The free medical check up covers many common tests done as part of a routine health check. These usually include blood test (CBC), urine test, chest X–ray, and lipid profile, among others.

Does the Free Health Check Up Cause Premiums to Increase?

No, your health insurance premium will not get impacted if you avail the free health check–up benefit. Insurers offer this benefit to help you get any underlying diseases diagnosed early, so you can take preventive action.

Go ahead and speak with your insurer about your free health check up benefit today. You can ask your insurance provider what tests are covered in their free health check–up benefits as these tests can vary between insurers.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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