Car Safety Driving Tips During Monsoon Season
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Car Safety Driving Tips During Monsoon Season

Nothing beats the joy of driving in the rain. However, riding a bike can be quite hazardous during the monsoon season. Slippery roads, heavy winds, and poor visibility are some of the factors that you have to brave when driving in the rain. Over here we discuss some monsoon driving tips that will help you drive safely during the rains:

  • Inspect your vehicle:This vehicle safety tip is for two–wheeler owners. Ensure that your bike is in the perfect working condition before the monsoon starts. Ensure that the brakes, tyres, headlights and battery terminals are checked by a professional. If there are any worn out parts, they must be replaced immediately. The rainwater can cause the lubricants to wash away; so it would be better if you schedule another service during the monsoon season.

  • Drive slowly:With regards to car safety driving tips, wet roads are extremely slippery, making them prone to accidents. Mud–covered slippery roads and low visibility due to heavy rainfall are some of the hazards of driving a car during the rainy season. Hence, it’s best to drive at a slow and steady pace. Avoid applying sudden brakes, accelerating or making sudden turns. Applying brakes too hard can cause the vehicle to skid and lead to an accident.

  • Don’t drive through flooded roads:This is easier said than done. Riding in standing water can damage the electrical components of your bike, causing it to break down in the middle of the road. It may also cause brakes to rust and not work as efficiently as they should. Flooding can also hide potholes, open manholes and other poorly surfaced roads. Hitting a pothole or avoiding an open manhole when you are riding at speed can throw you off your bike. Instead of wading through flooded roads, change your route. If it’s not possible to do so, ride the bike very carefully.

  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles:A general monsoon road safety tip for all vehicle drivers is to maintain safe distance from other vehicles. Poor visibility during the monsoon season makes this all the more important. When you are driving on the wet roads, it becomes difficult for you to bring your vehicle to a halt immediately. So, keeping a safe distance will give enough time to gently stop the vehicle.

  • Do not carry an open umbrella:Many two-wheeler pillion riders use umbrellas to cover themselves while riding. This can prove to be extremely dangerous. A sudden gust of wind can cause the pillion rider carrying the umbrella to fall. Not only can this cause an accident, but the pillion rider also faces the danger of getting run over by passing vehicles. It’s best for both the rider and the pillion rider to wear a raincoat instead of carrying an umbrella.

We hope these monsoon road safety tips come handy. Also, make sure that you carry your car insurance policy or two wheeler policy documents (based on the type of vehicle you own) when you are on the road. If you won both, car insurance as well as 2 wheeler insurance, ensure the renewal is up–to–date. Our vehicle insurance policies, besides covering the legally mandatory third party liability offer wide coverage such as personal accident cover of Rs 15 lakh. Loss or damage to your vehicle is also covered. Damage caused due to accident, natural calamities and thefts are covered as well. The policy comes with a No claim Bonus. You can also get the pillion rider and passengers covered.

Disclaimer:The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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