Does Health Insurance Cover Chemotherapy?
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Does Health Insurance Cover Chemotherapy?

The worst thing about cancer treatment is that there are several types of cancers that require long–term extensive treatment. One of the common treatments is chemotherapy. Cancer is characterised by abnormal growth of cells and chemotherapy kills the fast–growing cells in the body. While a traditional health insurance plan does cover chemotherapy, it is typically not equipped to cover the steep expenses. This is because patients may have to go through multiple rounds of chemotherapy. As such it is better buy critical care insurance for cancer coverage. Having a critical care insurance plan can help you meet the exorbitant cost of treatment and recovery. It is advisable to buy a critical health insurance plan at a young age as you will get it at a low premium

Over here we discuss why you need critical care insurance for cancer treatment:

  • High cost of treatmentCancer care and treatment costs are exorbitant. There are many expected and unexpected expenses that a traditional health plan will not cover fully. While you and your family are going through emotionally tough times, putting a strain on your finances can be extremely stressful. Buying critical care insurance for cancer treatment can help you meet several out–of–pocket expenses.

  • Traditional health plan is insufficient: For cancer, there is a combination of treatments like surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy required. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy may take several sittings depending upon the kind and severity of cancer. The costs of these treatments may add up quickly. A basic health insurance plan only covers the cost of hospitalisation. It will not be able to meet the high costs of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which is why critical care insurance for cancer treatment is necessary.

  • Loss of income: Another crucial reason why you should consider a cancer insurance policy is loss of income during the treatment period. Cancer treatment not just requires a lot of money but it also requires a long recovery time. This may adversely affect your potential to earn. Such a situation may force you and your family to compromise on your lifestyle. But with a critical care insurance plan, the payout will help you with medical as well as non–medical expenses. You can use the payout for medical costs of chemotherapy or for your child’s education.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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