Easy ways to avoid weight gain
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Easy ways to avoid weight gain

Modern life can take a heavy toll on your health. Pollution and stress can take a heavy toll on your health, as bad eating habits creep in and exercise gets squeezed out. Use these seven diet and exercise tips to keep your health under control this year.

Make a plan

Creating an organised system stops you bunking workouts. Make plans and put them in your work calendar. A fitness DVD or gym membership with Zumba, yoga classes etc. might also help you structure your exercise.

Eat Smart

Add some eggs, milk or other form of protein, and a complex carbohydrate to your breakfast. You’ll feel full longer, avoiding unhealthy snacking and give you more energy for the day.

Start Early

Work out in the morning. You’ll feel energised and confident all day. Remember, it’s natural after a long day to feel tempted to bunk exercise, so get it do it in the morning instead.

Keep Moving

Insert physical exercise into your everyday activities. Run or cycle to work if you can. Walk around while you’re on the phone. Climb the stairs at the office or at home. Even chores like wiping windows or sweeping floors could burn calories.

Keep it Simple

Minimise the chances that you’ll feel tempted to bunk a workout in the middle of a hectic schedule. For busy days, exercise with basic equipment. Just a theraband, Swiss ball and dumbbells could provide a full-body workout.

Mix it Up

Make exercise fun. Instead of a rigid diets, set an exchange rate for treats to exercise. Do 20 situps for every slice of cake Instead of weight targets, e.g. pick a dress you’d like to wear by Diwali and work towards it.

Two’s Company

Sharing fitness goals with another person helps keep you motivated. At your gym, try Zumba, yoga classes etc. You’ll get fun and lively company, while a commitment of time/money to an instructor and a group makes it less likely that you will bunk your workout. Joining a sports team is another way to have a fun and intense workout, while again motivating you to stay the course and avoid bunking exercise.

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