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Accident Insurance Vs. Health Insurance

In today's growing expenses and uncertainty, it has almost become mandatory for everybody to have insurance in place, whether it is health insurance, vehicle insurance, accident insurance, or travel insurance. These insurances can protect you from financial burdens in unforeseen situations arising. Health insurance and accident insurance are two types which typically cover medical expenses in the event of accidents and illnesses; however, there is a difference between accident insurance and health insurance. Confused? So, let's clear your doubts and explore accident insurance vs. health insurance and more.

What is Health Insurance?

As the name implies, health insurance provides coverage for the insured individual's overall health. This insurance provides coverage for any uncertainties that may arise as a result of certain medical conditions, injuries, or illnesses. Although some diseases or conditions may not be covered by some health insurance plans due to their nature, a good health insurance provider typically covers the majority of illnesses and diseases. The diseases not covered in your insurance plan will be listed in the exclusion list of your policy document. Furthermore, health insurance policies cover more than just hospitalisation costs; they also cover ambulance fees, diagnostic costs, pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, and more.

At the time of health insurance purchase, the health insurance provider reviews all of your medical information and history to determine the potential risk associated. That's how your premium is determined.

Additionally, several reputed health insurance providers offer additional benefits, such as coverage for your spouse and children. This is an excellent feature since it helps you put your best foot forward and take the required precautions to avoid a medical emergency.

What is Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance, like health insurance, provides coverage for medical and hospital expenditures, but only in the event of an accident and covers these expenses only. In simple terms, if you or your insured loved one sustains an accidental injury, your personal accident coverage will cover the medical expenses. In the event of a sudden death in an accident, the person nominated will be compensated up to the sum insured. Personal accident coverage provides a fixed amount that can be used for both medical and non-medical costs. In the event of a whole or partial disability as a result of an accident, the payment might cover your income loss while you recover.

The goal of personal accident coverage is to provide help in the event of an accident rather than completely replace conventional health insurance coverage. Personal accident coverage can be obtained as a separate policy.

Difference Between Personal Accident Insurance vs. Health Insurance


Accident Insurance

Health Insurance

The Purpose 

Personal accident insurance is designed to provide policyholders with insurance coverage only when hospitalisation, accidental death, or either partial or severe disabilities occur as a result of an accident.

The purpose of health insurance is to cover the costs of hospitalisation, medical treatment, and other expenses incurred as a result of an injury or illness.




The scope is limited and focused on injuries and accidents.

Comprehensive coverage for a wide range of healthcare requirements, including preventative care, diseases and illnesses, and accidents.

Disability Coverage 

Accident-related damage is frequently unpredictable and might result in disabilities. Accident insurance provides coverage in practically every situation resulting in disability.

It does not provide disability coverage, particularly when it is the result of an accident.


Death Coverage 

It provides coverage even after the person's death as a result of an accident. The sum covered goes to the nominee selected by the policyholder when purchasing the policy.

No health insurance provides coverage for death.

Pre-and post-hospitalisation coverage


It covers hospitalisation costs associated with the treatment of injuries sustained as a result of an accident.


It covers pre-hospitalisation expenditures, which are expenses incurred before the patient's hospitalisation, as well as post-hospitalisation expenses incurred after the patient is discharged from the hospital due to illness or injury.

Tax Benefits

Not applicable

Can claim tax benefit


Cannot purchase add-ons

Can purchase add-ons

Medical Coverage 


It can be comprehensive, but personal accident insurance coverage provides a lump sum value after an accident that can be used for hospitalisation. 

It provides a variety of benefits when it comes to expenses associated with illness, hospitalisation, ambulance charges, day-care fees, and any surgical procedures that are covered in your plan. You will need to buy comprehensive health insurance that includes all of the benefits and add-ons to your coverage.

Pre-existing conditions

Not covered

Health insurance policies cover a variety of medical conditions that you may be suffering from in their coverage after a certain waiting period.

Maternity cover

Not applicable

Many health insurance cover maternity benefits after the waiting period.

Invest in Insurance for a Secure Tomorrow

Both health insurance and accident insurance offer financial support during a medical emergency. Because any medical emergency, whether a health condition or an accident, is unpredictable; one does not need to use saved funds or take out loans to cover hospital fees if they purchase health insurance in advance. Adding personal accident coverage to a basic health insurance policy broadens your protection by covering the full cost of medical care for accidental damage.

FAQS about Accident Insurance vs. Health Insurance
Is an accident insured by health insurance?

No, personal accident insurance must be purchased separately or as an add-on to health insurance. Although health insurance covers the cost of hospitalisation.

What is the main difference between accident insurance vs. health insurance?

A health insurance plan covers a variety of medical emergencies. Accident insurance coverage is an add-on to a health or auto insurance policy.

Can I purchase health insurance and personal accident coverage for myself from a single company?

Yes, provided it is available through your insurance company.

Which insurance is better: health insurance or personal accident insurance?

Health insurance offers broader coverage when compared with personal accident insurance. This means that health insurance covers a broader spectrum of claimable events than personal accident insurance, which solely covers accidental injuries.

What are the benefits of personal accident insurance?

Accident insurance provides financial support in the event of an accidental disability, injury, or death.

Is it a wise decision to get health insurance online?

Yes, purchasing a health insurance plan online is an excellent choice because it allows you to save time, complete the purchase anywhere having an active internet connection, and most likely receive the policy online.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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