How to beat winter pollution
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How to beat winter pollution

Senior citizens and those with lung problems should particularly avoid exercise outdoors (especially in the mornings), but others may heed this too. Exercise in an A/C gym (if possible), an indoor sports hall, or even at home.

Take secondaryroads

Busy roads confined by tall buildings have the highest pollution. Avoid peak-hour traffic if possible, or else take back roads and smaller lanes when driving.

Trust your eyes and nose

Your senses tell you when you're in a bad area – your eyes start watering, and your lungs produce a mucus membrane, making you cough. Look out for these symptoms and leave the area if you can.

Invisible masks

Use a mask if you go out in peak hour. The N99 mask trumps the N95 for smooth breathing, while some companies make ‘nose masks’ that block 99% of irritants without obscuring the face. These filters, made from non-toxic and latex-free materials are inserted into your nostrils and are invisible.

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