Coping Mechanisms to Kiss Your Stress Goodbye
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Coping Mechanisms to Kiss Your Stress Goodbye

Life is full of challenges, leading to various learning experiences. Your response to these challenges can make or break your life. Whether juggling work, relationships, or financial obligations, having a grip on your emotions and keeping your stress under check can make all the difference and help you lead a quality life. On National Stress Awareness Day, let’s learn some helpful techniques to keep stress under check.

National Stress Awareness Day

The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) introduced National Stress Awareness Day. It is observed on 2nd November to recognise, manage, and reduce stress. With proper awareness and some helpful practices, relieving everyday stress becomes easily manageable.

Stress Management Tips

Stress management helps improve your physical and mental well–being. Here are some valuable tips.

Stay active

Any form of physical activity helps you stay light and stress–free. You do not necessarily need to work out, but you should avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity may seem taxing at first, but it releases happy hormones, leaving you pleasant, relaxed, and less irritated.

Practice meditation

The mind often feels overactive and jumbled with thoughts in this modern age. Having to attain professional deadlines and fulfilling multiple tasks and responsibilities towards our kin can increase stress levels. Practising meditation is a simple solution to overcome stress induced by these everyday factors. Medication is an ancient spiritual practice that generates a sense of calm, peace, and balance.

Eat healthily

The food you consume affects every aspect of your well–being, including mental health. Hence, a well–maintained diet is essential. A diet comprising fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, nuts, and seeds, gives you the necessary nutrition. It keeps your body nourished to deal with physical and mental pressure that often manifests into stress.

Prioritise self–care

Taking time for yourself or practising self–care, no matter how hectic the day gets, is crucial. Self–care allows you to calm your thoughts and divert your attention to things that make you happy. Reserve a few minutes every day to pamper yourself and ascertain your self–worth. You do not necessarily have to be productive during your self–care session; just focus on feeling good about yourself.

Take it slow

Modern life is all about running against time. Everything is fast–paced, and there is hardly any time to catch a breath. But you can turn this around with effective planning, like formulating a daily routine. Remember to incorporate breaks in your routine and rest in between to avoid feeling overwhelmed with numerous tasks. Also, devise a plan to tackle sudden stress elements that may catch you unawares.

Invest in Health Insurance for Mental Health Protection

The techniques mentioned above can help you combat your stress levels. If you feel stressed constantly, chances are you may be struggling with undiagnosed mental health conditions. If you are, you can use your health insurance policy to seek mental health treatment. You can seek treatment for stress, anxiety, depression and other psychological and physical health conditions.

This National Stress Awareness Day, secure your mental and physical well–being. Invest in health insurance today.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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