Innovative gadgets to monitor your health
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Innovative gadgets to monitor your health

It is a new age of healthcare, where medicine has advanced and technology is assisting people track their health and even coach them in some cases. Each day more and more gadgets are getting primed to monitor one’s fitness along with their counterpart health apps, that could help monitor and track results for a healthier you. With our mobile lifestyle, here are some innovative gadgets to keep your health goals on track.

Smart Belts

Made inhouse by Samsung’s employees, the Welt (wellness belt) also doubles as a fashion accessory. This looks similar to your belts in your closet, only that it monitors your daily activity, measures waistline circumference and monitors eating habits via magnetic sensors and pedometer which are located in the buckle. The information captured by the belt is then transferred to the mobile app to create, calculate and analyse the data for giving a better insight of your health.

Smart Watches

Smart watches and wellness trackers have been around for a long time now however the advancements made to them appear to be unending. Fitbit, Apple watch, Misfit, Jawbone, Mi Band and so forth. In case you're searching for a wearable to inspire you to be healthy, track your calories, or even log your sleep patterns, you'll be astounded by the sheer number of choices available– for both smart watches and trackers.

Smart Shoes

From being able to quantify athletic performance to monitoring fitness and assessing health metrics, smart shoes are here to provide personalized feedback to users. Efforts are on to engineer traditional shoes with integrated technology to boost comfort, convenience, and good health.

The benefit of purchasing trackers that are located on your feet are that these gadgets improve not only how far and how quick you run, but also how well you run. They do this through parameters identified with your running, for example, foot landing, rhythm and time on the ground – data which you can't get from wrist-based trackers. While this market is still in its outset, there are a few players that have already come out with intelligent trackers for your feet.

Smart Jewellery

The market is slowly but surely gearing up for another disruption in the wearable technology space. Get ready for smart jewellery. Accessories that add to your personality with the additional functionality of a wearable health tracker. One such example is the Leaf Urban from Bellabeat, categorised as smart jewellery, the Leaf Urban from Bellabeat can be worn as a necklace, clasp or bracelet. It is intended to monitor steps, sleep patterns and ovulation. The gadget tracks your breathing and shows you how to refocus and calm your mind through a progression of breathing activities with the leaf's application.

It’s no doubt that inactivity can lead to a number of health and personal issues, including weight gain, onset of chronic and acute illness and even low productivity in school, work and daily life. Conversely, constant activity can prevent and may even reverse many of these issues. Moving around – by walking, running, even fidgeting in your seat, can help boost a person’s overall health. New-age advancements in technology have made it possible to track your entire fitness journey. So why are you waiting? Get off that chair, strap your tracker and get going.

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