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How is Coconut Water Helpful for Diabetes?

Since people with diabetes need to follow a restricted diet, they may find themselves wondering whether coconut water is good for diabetes. A light beverage favoured by many people in India, especially during the summer season, coconut water is readily available throughout the country. In addition to being delicious, coconut water is full of nutrients. Generally extracted from the fresh, green coconuts, coconut water can be enjoyed by people with diabetes as well due to its low sugar content.

People with diabetes may find themselves craving a soda or sweet beverage to refresh themselves. However, there is no way a person with diabetes can drink such beverages without adversely affecting their overall health. Although it may be easy for few people who manage their blood sugar well to drink a sweet beverage and recover from the blood sugar spike, replacing them with a healthy alternative like coconut water is highly recommended.

Coconuts have a low glycaemic Index and can be enjoyed by people with diabetes without any hassle. The delicious taste of this beverage makes it an excellent choice for diabetics. Understand the nutritional profile of coconut water and its effect on people with diabetes here.

Nutrient Profile of Coconut Water

Unsweetened, fresh coconut water (100 mL)
  Water  95 g
  Calories  19 kcal
  Fat  0.2 g
  Protein  0.72 g
  Carbohydrates  3.71 g
  Sugar  2.61 g
  Fibre  1.1 g
  Iron  0.29 mg
  Calcium  24 mg
  Magnesium  25 mg
  Potassium  250 mg
  Phosphorus  20 mg
  Sodium  105 mg
  Copper  0.04 mg
  Zinc  0.1 mg
  Manganese  0.142 mg
  Thiamine  0.03 mg
  Vitamin C  2.4 mg
  Riboflavin  0.057 mg
  Pantothenic acid  0.043 mg
  Niacin  0.08 mg
  Vitamin B-6  0.032 mg

The above table gives a basic idea of the diverse nutritional portfolio of coconut water, and the values of different vitamins and minerals can vary depending on the produce and variety of coconuts. Additionally, the composition of packaged coconut water will be slightly different due to its processing.

Coconut and Diabetes: Benefits of Coconut for People with Diabetes

Coconut water is a natural, high-nutrition beverage, which contains numerous bio-active compounds. These compounds can have a hypoglycaemic and antioxidant effect on people with diabetes according to a few animal studies. The results of these studies have shown promising effects of coconut water in managing free-radical damage and preventing hyperglycaemia (or high blood sugar) for diabetics.

Another animal study indicated that coconut water can effectively reduce blood sugar level and retinal damage caused by diabetes in rats. Thus, it may be helpful in treating diabetes and the associated complications of the disease in humans. Additionally, drinking coconut water in diabetes ensures that the body is properly hydrated, which can help improve blood circulation as well.

How to Incorporate Coconut into a Diabetic Diet

Listed below are some excellent ways to include coconuts and coconut water into a diabetic diet:

1. Coconut water

One of the most convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of coconuts is by introducing coconut water in your regular diet. You can easily get a fresh, green coconut from the market and enjoy its water or get a packaged version.

2. Fresh coconut pulp

You can either ask for a green coconut with high amount of pulp (also known as tender coconut) inside or get a brown coconut and break its hard shell to enjoy the fresh pulp of this fruit. You can add chopped coconut pulp to your salads or enjoy it as a snack on the go. Tender coconut is also good for diabetes even if it tastes slightly sweeter than coconut pulp from brown coconuts.

3. Dishes infused with coconut

Coconut pulp can be incorporated in numerous dishes to increase the nutritional value of your meal in addition to enhancing its flavour. Many South Indian and coastal preparations include coconut pulp as a key ingredient. Additionally, you can make sweet dishes with sugar-free sweeteners and add dried coconut pulp to them to enjoy with meals every now and then.

Risks and Considerations

Drinking coconut water is generally a safe and healthy choice. However, you are advised to avoid packaged, sweetened coconut water as it may end up spiking your blood sugar levels. Instead, try drinking fresh coconut water.

People with diabetes who are at a high risk of kidney disease are recommended to consume coconut water in moderate quantities and consult their doctor about including coconut water in diabetic diet. As coconut water is a good source of potassium, it may be troublesome for such individuals. Thus, it is better to get an expert’s opinion.

Health Insurance

When you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, it is extremely important to ensure you take proactive action to manage your health. Consuming healthy food can help you avoid any complications down the road. Additionally, having a health insurance for diabetes can prove to be invaluable in times of distress.

Many people wonder ‘what is a health insurance premium’ or ‘which health insurance is right for me’. In addition to taking steps towards your healthy journey that starts with a well-balanced diet, you can explore the different options offered by trusted companies online to get the best insurance plan for you.


Can I drink coconut water daily if I have diabetes?

Yes. People who have diabetes can drink coconut water daily. However, to ensure a balanced diet, you are recommended to consume it in moderation.

How much coconut water can a diabetic drink safely?

Fresh coconut water does not have a high amount of sugar in it; thus, there is no limitation on the quantity of coconut water for a person with diabetes, they can drink it as much as they like if it doesn’t upset their stomach.

Which coconut water is best for diabetics?

You can enjoy fresh coconut water that does not contain added sugar without any worries. Packaged coconut water can also be consumed by people with diabetes, but it may not be as beneficial as fresh coconut water.

Does coconut water increase blood sugar levels a lot?

No, coconut water does not raise blood sugar levels significantly due to its low glycaemic index. It is also rich in electrolytes and often considered a good source of energy.

Is raw coconut good for diabetes?

Yes. Fresh coconut pulp that can be obtained from the green and brown coconuts is safe to consume for people with diabetes. Additionally, the nutrient composition of this food makes an excellent addition to a diabetic diet.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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