Traditional Food Items For a 'Happy Lohri'
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Traditional Food Items For a 'Happy Lohri'

A traditional harvest festival, Lohri is celebrated with fervour on the 13th of January in northern Indian states. The occasion marks the receding of the winters and the beginning of a new harvest season. Besides this phenomenon, the festival holds social significance as it pays homage to the Robin Hood of Punjab, Dullah Bhatti, who stole from the rich to provide for the poor. Bhatti’s bravado and stories of rescuing girls from slavery is remembered through folk songs.

How is Lohri celebrated?

Lohri celebrations include lighting a bonfire and throwing offerings like peanuts, Makhana, and Gur Ki Rewari into the flame to thank the sun deity. The event becomes all the more special if there is a wedding or new–born in the family. People gather around the fire to participate in traditional dance forms like Bhangra and Giddha. And, like every fun festival, there’s a lot of feasting and merry–making. Let’s look at some special dishes prepared, especially during the Lohri festival.

Traditional Lohri dishes

Some lip–smacking dishes relished on the occasion of Lohri include the following.

  • Murmure Ke Laddoo

    Made by rolling rice puffs in jaggery, this little snack ball is simple yet lip–smacking. The preparation involves melting jaggery at the right temperature to create a binding component.

  • Gur Ki Gajak

    This traditional Punjabi recipe is a must–have while celebrating Lohri. The sweet is prepared by adding chunks of dry fruits, sesame seeds, and peanuts in melted jaggery and ghee.

  • Makki Ki Roti with Sarso Da Saag

    The simple combo of Makki Ki Roti served with generous dollops of butter and Saag or mustard greens is a quintessential Punjabi dish bursting with flavours. A favourite winter delicacy, the Saag is predominantly made in massive quantities during Lohri.

  • Atta Laddoo

    Popularly known as ‘Finni’ in Punjabi, this simple roasted snack is made with wheat flour, chopped dry fruits, pure ghee, and melted jaggery.

  • Til Ki Barfi

    Til or sesame seeds form an essential part of Lohri celebrations. Sesame seeds are combined with khoya, ghee, and sugar or jaggery to make a winter snack that keeps you healthy and warm.

  • Dry Fruit Chikki

    Unlike most other Lohri sweets, whose primary ingredient is jaggery, this sweet is prepared with caramelised sugar. Dry fruits are mixed in the sugar after it reaches right consistency to achieve a crunchy texture.

  • Chole Bhature

    A classic dish, Chole Bhature is considered comfort food in North India. Made with boiled chickpeas, exotic spices, tomato puree, and onions, the spicy chole makes for a delicious gravy with fried bhaturas (white flour bread).

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