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Secure your home against burglary with these tips

The impact of burglary isn’t just financial; it has a drastic effect on the emotional health of the victims and their families. Knowing how to protect your house from burglars is thus incredibly crucial. Over here we discuss a few simple tips on how to improve your home security and reduce the chances of burglary.

  1. Home security starts at your front door

    Have you ever wondered how do robbers pick a house? It’s simple; a door that’s not locked properly is easy to pick. Thus it is critical that you lock the front door properly before you leave the house or go to bed. Make sure that you lock all the windows, doors and back gates before leaving the house. Many burglaries happen because people forget to lock windows or front doors before leaving the house even for a short period of time. Many burglars enter homes through the garage or back door. Before leaving the house, ensure this door is locked too. Peepholes (door viewers) help you recognise the person before you open the door for them. If your door doesn't have a peephole, you can get it installed. Metal security grilles and shutters also restrict easy access to your home.

  2. Keep your garden neat and tidy

    Another way how to protect house from burglars is to maintain your garden. Trim shrubbery and trees near entrances and walkways. Burglars look for dark places to hide. The overgrown shrubs and bushes near windows and doors provide the perfect cover for burglars to sneak into your house while remaining unseen.

  3. Never leave clues that you are away on vacation

    Don’t let mails and newspapers pile up in front of your door while you are away. Ask your neighbours to collect the mails for you while you are away. Before leaving for the trip, call your vendor and ask them to stop giving the newspapers during the period you are away. Also, don’t leave notes on your front door. It’s an open invitation for burglars as it signals the home is unoccupied.

  4. Install good outdoor security lighting

    A practical solution for how to make your house secure from burglars is to install good outdoor security lighting. You may install the security lighting over entryways, at the back of your house, and any other area where it’s dark and easy to hide. You can also install a burglar alarm and a video monitoring/recording system.

  5. Invest in the right home insurance policy

    The best way to protect house from burglars is to invest in a good home insurance policy. Home insurance plans typically cover more than just the structure of the house. With SBI General’s home insurance policy you can cover your household contents against burglary & theft. The home insurance policy lets you insure newly purchased household items and personal money.

Now that you know how to secure your house from burglars, ensure your take all the necessary steps as mentioned above. For homeowners, SBI General’s Simple Home Insurance Policy offers peace of mind. It covers not just the contents of a house against burglary but also helps you repair or rebuild your house if it is damaged by fire, riots or natural calamities such as lightning and storms.

If you are a tenant, then you can insure the contents of the house. If you shift to a new address, then you can file a request asking the policy to be applied to your new address.

To buy a home insurance policy or to generate a home insurance quote online, visit


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