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Diseases of the spine can be life-threatening. Our spine is made up of several vertebrae, each comprising discs and containing a gelatinous core called the nucleus. The nucleus is surrounded by a thick cartilage, i.e., the annulus. Disc tissue damage is referred to as a slipped disc, wherein you may experience pain in your lower back and leg muscles. If your condition worsens, you may need to undergo slipped disc surgery, which comes with a high price tag. Read on to learn more about slip disc surgery costs in India and how you can manage them.

Slipped Disc & Its Treatment

A slipped disc, also known as a herniated disc, is a condition of the spine's intervertebral disc. In a slipped disc, the annulus ruptures and pushes the nucleus out. People unintentionally use their back muscles to lift heavy objects instead of their legs and thigh muscles, which can hurt the disc. Factors like excess body weight, frequent driving and a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of a herniated disc.

Most people with a herniated disc do not require surgery. If the pain is severe, surgery may be necessary. In such conditions, Orthopedists may perform various types of disc surgeries.

Slip Disc Operation Costs Based on The Type of Surgery

  • Open discectomy: The surgery costs anywhere from Rs 25,000 to Rs 105,000 and involves removing the damaged disc tissue to relieve the pressure on the nerves.

  • Endoscopic surgery: Doctors insert an endoscope through a small incision, and minor surgical instruments are inserted through the cut to remove the tissue. This procedure costs approximately Rs 60,000 onwards.

  • Spinal fusion: In spinal fusion, two or more vertebrae are fused to immobilize a particular portion of the spine permanently, and the operation can cost about Rs 350,000.

  • Disc replacement: Surgeons repair the damaged disc with an artificial one, costing the patient approximately Rs 450,000.

Other Slip Disc Surgery Costs in India

Besides paying the slip disc surgery price, you should be prepared to endure other general expenses associated with slip disc treatment. These include:

  • Hospitalization costs based on the city where you seek treatment

  • Consulting doctor, orthopedic surgeon, anesthesiologist and nursing staff fees based on the medical practitioners' experience

  • Costs associated with medical tests and screenings

  • Costs of medication used during the surgery

  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses

How to Manage Slip Disc Operation Costs in India

You can easily manage costs associated with herniated disc surgery with health insurance. A typical health insurance plan covers your medical expenses up to the sum insured. After you complete the policy's waiting period, you can file an insurance claim to cover all the costs mentioned above, including the medical practitioners' fees, hospitalization expenses, and costs of screening tests like X-rays, CT scans, MRI, Myelogram etc.

Invest in Health Insurance

Medical costs can quickly deplete your life-long savings. You need a good health insurance plan to pay for all such costs without touching your savings. Health insurance takes care of your medical costs while you can focus on getting the best treatment. Contact your insurance provider and invest in health insurance today!

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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