Things to Know Before You Get a Tattoo
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Things to Know Before You Get a Tattoo

A tattoo is a permanent design or mark on your skin. These marks are created via pigments inserted in the skin’s top layer through needles. Tattoo artists use hand–held machines resembling a drill to create the design. The device comprises one or more needles that repeatedly pierce the skin, with a tiny droplet of ink with each puncture. If you are contemplating getting a tattoo to express yourself, consider our list of things to know before getting a tattoo.

Here’s everything you need to know before getting a tattoo

Below are some things you should be prepared to handle if you’ve decided to get a tattoo.

  • Tattoos can cause bleeding

    Tattoos are typically carved without anaesthetics, and often cause a small amount of bleeding. They also breach your skin, leaving it vulnerable to skin infections and several other complications.

  • Tattoos can cause allergic reactions

    The most common side–effect of getting a tattoo is that it can cause allergic reactions to your skin. This is especially true if you opt for coloured tattoo dyes, which can cause itchy rashes at the tattoo site. The reaction may occur immediately or several years later as well.

  • Tattoos could weaken your immune system

    Getting a tattoo can be a stressful experience for your body. This, in turn, weakens your immune system, and you could most likely catch a cold after getting the tattoo.

  • Tattoos may cause bloodborne ailments

    Perhaps the most crucial thing to know before getting a tattoo is that they can enhance your risks of contracting bloodborne illnesses. If the tattoo carving equipment is contaminated with infected blood, it can cause hepatitis B and C, HIV, and viral infections like warts and molluscum. The risks of bloodborne diseases increase if tattoo artists perform the procedure with unsterile equipment or hands.

  • Tattoos can cause complications during MRI screenings

    Although it is rare, tattoo piercings can cause the site of the tattoo to burn or swell during a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination. The pigments of the tattoo may also interfere with the image quality.

Things to do before getting a tattoo

If you decide to go ahead despite the risks, remember these things to do before getting a tattoo.

  • Discuss your pre–existing health conditions (if any) with your doctor before getting a tattoo.
  • Ensure you get a tattoo at a licensed studio that follows all equipment safety precautions.
  • Enquire about the safety measures like needle disposal, ink usage, etc., followed by the tattoo artist.
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before and after the procedure, and keep yourself hydrated on the day of getting the tattoo.
  • Eat a proper meal to reduce your risk of feeling hungry or fainting during the procedure.
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