Top 5 Treks to undertake in the monsoons
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Top 5 Treks to undertake in the monsoons

Sunshine is happiness, rain is invigorating, the breeze braces us, and snow is euphoric. There is really no such thing as bad weather. The monsoons are finally here and that means that rain clouds have floated in, to make us calm, cheerful and hopeful.

Although monsoon means that most of the country is soaked in water and the trekking routes are closed, there are several monsoon routes for the avid trekkers to quench their thirst for adventures. If you fall in this distinct category of people and want to enjoy some quality trekking amidst the greenery, here are the top 5 treks that you can embark on even in the monsoon:

1. Pin Parvati Trek, Himachal Pradesh

An ideal trans-Himalayan Trek for occasional trekkers, Pin Parvati Trek stuns a trekker with its brilliance forcing the trekker to disregard the difficulties he is faced with. It is nearly 100 kilometres of trail that presents enchanting exquisiteness of the surrounding landscape. The course of the trek is through the dark woods of the Great Himalayan National Park.

2. Chopta Chandrashila Trek, Uttarakhand

This is a moderate trek which begins in the exquisite region of Deoriatal. Chopta Chandrashila includes exploration of two of the most beautiful mountain peaks in Uttarakhand - Chopta and Chandrashila. From Deoriatal, the trekker needs to reach Chopta. The course incorporates the captivating sights of snow-leaden pinnacles, brilliant streams, lavish woods, and so on. Further, the trek moves to Tungnath from where a trekker moves towards Chandrashila Peak and runs over the embodiments of nature's magnificence. The most noteworthy height in the course is 3,600 meters.

3. Sinhagad Trek, Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the most beautiful spots to visit during the rains. It would be a transgression for someone to pass up the Sinhagad Trek. The trek course is well known particularly among Pune's young populace, who like to venture out on weekends. The moderate trek drives trekkers to the delightful seventeenth century Sinhagad Fort, which is at an elevation of 4,320 feet and situated just 30 kms from the city. During monsoons, the one-day trek offers amazing sceneries of rain soaked, lavish green landscapes through the entire trek.

4. Hampta Pass – Chandra Taal Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Trek through the blinding white snowclad mountain peaks in the lap of Himachal Pradesh as you trek through truly amazing green knolls with sheep traversing through it. Beginning from Jobra towards the serene waters of the Chandra Taal Lake to find the tranquil water streams that you have to cross through. They are said to be a view not only for your eyes, but your soul as well. Varying from moderate to a challenging climb for most, the Hampta Pass trek is a flat out delight during the monsoons for any avid trekkie. climbing from an altitude of 9,800 feet at Jobra, you’ll be reaching the highest point of 14,035 feet at the Hampta Pass. Situated to the south-east of Manali, it promises to be a beautiful experience for any trekker.

5. Mullayanagiri Trek, Chikamagalur, Karnataka

Discover the highest peak in Karnataka with this trail in Chikamagalur. Approximately 250 Kms from Bangalore, Chikamagalur has been an easy getaway for people with just weekends to spare. With beautiful winged creatures, big and small, keeping you company, you can wind your way along the blossom loaded trail. Make sure to watch out for different Nandi idols en route. We are almost certain you will recognize the shrouded caverns in the midst of these green cliffs.

So, get ready with your backpack and your rain gear for some adventure treks, with the monsoon playing host, and witness the wonder of nature.

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