World Energy Conservation Day: Easy Practices to Conserve Energy at Home
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World Energy Conservation Day: Easy Practices to Conserve Energy at Home

Today, we are advancing technologically by discovering new solutions and making our lives easier. However, technological advancements typically lead to increased dependence on electricity and other natural resources. The more we exploit the limited energy resources available to us, the greater its impact on our environment. Hence, conscious consumption is essential for a better future. Through energy conservation, we can protect and replenish energy supplies. Learn the ways to go about conserving energy this World Energy Conservation Day.

What is World Energy Conservation Day?

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) first organised World Energy Conservation Day on 14th December 1991. Since then, this day has been celebrated every year to mark India’s achievements in resource conservation and creating efficient energy sources. The objective of this day is to generate awareness about the importance of saving energy. On this day, the BEE felicitates industries for reducing energy consumption and hands out prizes to the National Painting Competition on Energy Conservation winners.

Ideas for energy conservation

Besides industries, we, as civilians, can also do our bit to conserve energy resources. Here are some ideas.

  • Embrace the daylight

    Artificial lighting accounts for the most energy consumption, so it helps to reduce our dependence on it. If you reside in an area that offers abundant daylight, you should utilise and embrace it. Welcome the natural light through your windows and doors and use it to illuminate your home until the sun sets.

  • Buy energy–efficient appliances

    Most home appliance manufacturers have started manufacturing energy–saving appliances. Such appliances are typically marked with a one to five–star rating. The higher the star–rating, the more energy efficient the appliance.

  • Adjust consumption behaviour

    How you utilise energy resources in your everyday life makes a significant difference. You can practice healthy energy consumption habits like turning off the lights and idle devices when not in use, driving less and walking, cycling or carpooling, instead of using carbon–emitting private vehicles.

  • Invest in power strips

    Plugged–in devices draw in electricity even when they are not in use. If you find it a hassle to turn them off because you intend to use them again, consider investing in smart power strips that let you turn off devices without touching the power outlet.

  • Secure air leaks

    Air conditioners contribute to significant energy consumption. Air leaks from windows and doors worsen the condition. Due to outdoor ventilation, the system takes in more pressure, adversely affecting the production of cool air. It helps to shut down such openings and fix cracks leading to air leaks.

Energy conservation and health – How it is linked

Believe it or not, everything you do is linked to your health. For instance, the depletion of natural resources affects the environment, causing climatic imbalance and global warming. These conditions impact the air quality and the growth of crops, which, in turn, impacts your health. It is no wonder that young people are falling ill at alarming rates. However, health insurance prepares you to bear the medical expenses associated with hospitalisation and treatment if your health fails.

This World Energy Conservation Day, try energy–conserving practices and seek financial protection with health insurance.

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