Why to Buy Covid-19 Insurance?
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Why to Buy Covid-19 Insurance?

Covid–19 has affected millions across the world and in India; the number of cases is still rising. A disease, uncertain in nature, Covid-19 has the potential to disrupt your daily routine and affect your financial stability. As it is a new disease, scientists are still trying to figure the best course of treatment. As such, until a proper course of treatment is determined, there is every chance that medical cost associated with Covid–19 treatment can increase tremendously. If you’re wondering why to buy coronovirus insurance, this article is for you

Here are some of the few reasons to buy a Corona Kavach policy:

  1. It protects you and your family The first of many reasons to buy coronavirus insurance is that the policy protects you and your loved ones against the financial implications and stress, in case of a Covid-19 diagnosis and hospitalisation. You can buy this policy for anyone in the 18-65 age groups on individual and family floater basis. The policy can be availed for self, spouse, dependent children up to 25 years of age, parents and parents-in-law. While other insurance products cover infants from the age of 3 months, Corona Kavach policy covers them from day one.

  1. Covid–19–related medical expenses:Another reason to buy Covid-19 insurance is that expenses actually incurred for medical treatment on account of Covid–19 are covered in the policy. Room rent, operation theatre and ICU charges, boarding and nursing expenses, and pre and post-hospitalisation expenses up to 15 and 30 days respectively are some of the expenses covered in the policy. Not just that, expenses of Covid–19–related treatment taken under the AYUSH treatments in accredited or recognised hospitals are also covered

  1. Home care medical expenses are covered:If you’re still contemplating why to purchase Covid–19 insurance, then consider this: not every person who has been diagnosed with the Covid–19 infection needs hospitalisation. Many with mild to moderate symptoms are advised to self-isolate themselves in their homes. Home care expenses related to Covid–19 up to 14 days may also be high but are covered in the policy. Expenses like diagnostic tests are also covered in the policy. Medicines prescribed in writing, consultation charges of doctors, and nursing charges are covered in the Corona Kavach policy.

  1. You can opt for ‘Hospital Daily Cash’ as an add-on: If you opt for hospital daily cash, you will be given a certain amount every day of hospitalisation. The amount is payable for a maximum period of up to 15 days. This will help you meet sundry expenses which may help you meet non–medical expenses.

  1. No medical test needed:Yet another fact about Covid–19 insurance is that it covers people across all ages. Under most insurance plans bought later in life, the policy buyer does not need to undergo a medical checkup or any other undertaking before signing up for this insurance policy.

  1. No long–term commitment: Our Corona Kavach policy can be purchased for a period of a few months and maximum being 9.5 months. Unlike other standard medical insurance policies, the waiting period is 15 days instead of 30 days.

In the current pandemic situation, where Covid–19 cases are increasing with every passing day, it helps to be prepared. It helps to invest in a Covid–19 health insurance policy that protects you against the financial burdens, which may arise in case you or your family members get infected and need extensive medical treatment. You can buy this policy in addition to your regular health insurance plan and use it only for Covid–19 treatment.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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