Celebrate This World Smile Day with Acts of Kindness
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Celebrate This World Smile Day with Acts of Kindness

A circle with two dots and an upturned curve created an iconic symbol that we know as a smiley face. Its creator, Harvey Ball, wanted to spread the message of joy and love through the emoticon. He expressed concern over losing this intent due to commercialisation. World Smile Day, observed on the 7th of October, is an attempt to restore the original message of spreading joy, love, and kindness. Continue reading to learn how to contribute to this day.

Acts of Kindness

Little acts of kindness go a long way in bringing a smile to someone's face. This World Smile Day, you can spread joy in the following ways:


Charitable organizations seek volunteers to contribute to their cause. Whether cleaning the environment, helping the underprivileged, or caring for the elderly, you can engage in several initiatives. Find the charity you like and volunteer within your capacity. Even a little effort does more than you think to spread happiness.

Practice Patience

Irritability gets the best of us. In a fit of rage, you may say or do something that hurts sentiments. Practicing composure lets you think through the anger and avoid lashing out at anyone. Respecting others' emotions this way is an act of kindness. When you consider their feelings, you avoid wiping off the smile from their face.

Expressing Your Appreciation

Showing your love and appreciation is the easiest way to bring a smile to someone's face. You can convey your admiration through words or gestures. Do not feel compelled to have an occasion to express your appreciation. If you feel it, show it. See how much of a difference that makes in lighting up someone's day.

Donate Unused Items

Your unused goods can be of great help to others. Several charities accept used clothes, furniture, toys, etc. You can donate these things if you no longer find a use for them. Little gestures like these cost nothing and prove valuable to those in need. They can use your old items to their satisfaction.

Be Courteous

Courtesy is the best form of kindness and takes little to no effort. The way you conduct yourself when talking to others makes all the difference. Being polite regardless of social status is the bare minimum you can do to be respectful. When you express your thoughts and acknowledge others' opinions respectfully, you can have a pleasant conversation.

Invest in Your Happiness with Health Insurance

Being kind to others and protecting their smile is only possible when your smile comes from within. You should feel happy and content to spread the message of joy. Given the stress and challenges life throws at you, keeping your smile intact is not always easy. Work and life stress can get to you and sometimes result in acute health problems. As such, it is vital to stay protected with health insurance. Your health insurance policy provides financial assistance against various kinds of physical and mental illnesses. The policy covers costs for diagnosis, medication, hospitalization, surgeries and treatment expenses, among other things.

This World Smile Day, take steps to protect your mental and physical well-being with health insurance.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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