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  • Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient Treatment

  • No Medical Check-upupto 55 Years

    No Medical Check-upupto 55 Years

  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation coverage

    Pre and Post Hospitalisation coverage

  • Tax Exemption:  Sec 80D

    Tax Exemption: Sec 80D

  • Multiple Coverages

    Multiple Coverages

  • Coverage for Entire  Family

    Coverage for Entire Family

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Key Feature
  • No medical check-up up to 55 years if you don’t have any medical history
  • Multiple coverages: Individual, Family Floater
  • 141 Day Care expenses covered
  • Comprehensive coverage: Pre and Post-Hospitalisation
  • Multiple Sum Insured options: INR 1, 2, & 3 Lakhs
  • IT Exemption: Under Sec 80 D
  • Outpatient Treatment Covered PD

This Health Insurance policy covers the following subject to the terms and conditions:

  • Your hospital room rent, boarding expenses and doctor fees
  • Operation Theatre and Intensive Care charges
  • Nursing expenses
  • Medicines that you consume during the hospital stay
  • Pre and Post hospitalisation expenses up to 60 and 90 days respectively
  • Alternative treatment taken in accredited or recognised hospitals
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation.
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Pre existing diseases from inception of the policy up to 4 years of this Policy being in force continuously.
  • Treatment of illnesses such as Ulcers, Tonsillectomy, Hernia, Cataract, Sinusitis, Gall Bladder Stones, Chronic Renal Failure during the first year of operation of the policy.
  • Treatment taken outside India
  • Stay in a hospital without undertaking any active regular treatment by the medical practitioner
  • Experimental and unproven treatment.

Important Note: The above list of exclusions is illustrative and not exhaustive. For a full list of the exclusions , please refer to policy wordings.

Sum Insured

Age:Minimum entry age is 3 months and maximum entry age is 65 years. There is no exit age.

Insured:Individual/ Family (For Family Insurance Policy - Family means the spouse, dependent children, parents and parents in law. For Family Floater Insurance Policy - Family means the spouse and dependent children)

Policy Term:1, 2 and 3 years.

Sum Insured:Hospitalisation sum insured options are 1, 2 and 3 Lakhs. OPD sum insured will depend on the age, premium and family type. Sum Insured of dependents will either be less than or equal to Proposer/ Primary Insured’s Sum Insured.

Premium:The premium for this product is flat Rs. 8,900, Rs. 13,350 or Rs. 17,800 per annum respectively for a sum Insured of 1, 2 or 3 lakhs.

  • Product UIN - SBIHLIP22135V032122
  • Disclaimer: The above information is only indicative in nature. For full details of the coverage & exclusions please contact our nearest office and refer to the policy documents and sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.
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