All About Electric Two-Wheeler Charging in India
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All About Electric Two-Wheeler Charging in India

India is gradually adopting electric mobility. The government has also taken several measures to encourage more people to become a part of the EV revolution. There are several vehicle manufacturers that sell electric bikes in India at budget–friendly prices. Some of the popular electric two–wheelers in the country are Hero Electric Optima, Revolt RV400, Ola S1, and Ather 450X, among others. If you plan to buy a new electric two–wheeler soon or have recently purchased one, read on to find out how to correctly electric charge two–wheeler vehicles.

Tips for electric charging two-wheeler vehicles

  • Charge the battery completely before use

    It is important to completely charge the battery of your electric vehicle before you start using it. This is because the lithium–ion batteries that are used to power the electric vehicles are made up of many small cells. Fully charging the battery before usage will ensure that the current is flowing through all the cells. This provides the appropriate conditioning to the battery for smooth operation and helps you gauge the maximum duration for which you can use your electric vehicle after a full charge.

  • Do not let the battery discharge completely

    Lithium–ion batteries generate electricity by converting chemical energy to electrical energy. Thus, experts recommend regularly charging the battery of your EV. It is advisable to re–charge the battery of your EV as soon as it discharges to about 30% to 60% of the total discharge capacity. This will help to increase the life of the battery by keeping all its cells activated and functional. Furthermore, the regular charging will also encourage you to use your electric vehicle for daily commutes.

  • Avoid overcharging the battery

    Many people plug their electric motors into the charging points and forget to turn off the power supply for extended periods of time. However, if the power supply is not turned off after the battery has been fully charged, the battery is thrown into a discharge and recharge power cycle. In this, after the battery has been fully charged, the battery is allowed to discharge to a certain limit, say 95%, before it is recharged back to full capacity. This cycle continues till you switch off the power supply to the charger. The discharge and recharge power cycle reduces the life of your battery by increasing its discharge time. Additionally, lithium–ion batteries are also known to degrade when connected to a charger.

  • Charge the battery at normal temperatures only

    One of the most important tips on electric two–wheeler charging is to avoid charging a lithium–ion battery at extreme temperatures. This is because, in extreme heat, the chemicals present in the battery are known to generate gas and swell the battery. This greatly reduces the longevity of the battery. Alternatively, in extreme cold, a few parts of the battery get cracked. Due to this, the energy storage capacity of the battery is negatively affected. Hence, to ensure that the battery operates at its optimum, it is better to charge the battery of your electric vehicle at normal temperatures.

Now that you are well–versed with various tips for charging your electric two–wheeler, ensure to make the most of it to keep your bike in good shape. Furthermore, to ensure complete safety on the roads, do not forget to purchase a comprehensive two–wheeler insurance policy. As a result of digitization, nowadays, you can easily purchase a bike insurance online from the comfort of your home.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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