Tips for Enhancing Two-wheeler Fuel Efficiency
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Tips for Enhancing Two-wheeler Fuel Efficiency

A bike’s fuel efficiency or mileage is the number of kilometres a bike can travel with a litre of fuel. The way your ride and maintain your two–wheeler can impact its fuel efficiency. If you commute using your two–wheeler regularly, you may notice the mileage drop. You can take simple measures to ensure that you maintain a fuel–efficient motorcycle. Here are a few tips on how to save petrol when riding a bike.

Tips for Enhancing Bike Fuel Efficiency
  • Ensure regular bike servicing

    During a bike servicing, mechanics assess the various components or parts of your two–wheeler. They inspect components like the engine’s condition, clutch and brake settings, tyre pressure, etc. These components can affect your two–wheeler’s mileage. To ensure your bike’s fuel efficiency, you must get it serviced at least twice a year.

  • Check tyre pressure

    A two–wheeler with low tyre pressure burns more fuel while riding. Maintain the correct tyre pressure to reduce the engine load. You can check the air levels in your tyres at your local mechanic or petrol pumps at a nominal cost.

  • Avoid parking in the sun

    Parking your two–wheeler in the sun for extended periods can cause the fuel to evaporate. The percentage of evaporation, although nominal at first, can add up over time and impact your two–wheeler’s efficiency. Besides, the sun can also cause the vehicle’s paint to chip.

  • Check carburettor settings

    The carburettor is a metal device in your bike that mixes fuel and air, causing internal combustion. Issues with the carburettor, such as dirt deposits, can result in petrol loss. Make sure you get it cleaned regularly to enhance your bike’s fuel efficiency.

  • Check the fuel quality

    Avoid using adulterated or leaded fuel. Using leaded fuel can lead to irregular fuel consumption. The engine’s function may deteriorate and can cause safety issues. It is advisable to avoid filling fuel at unknown petrol pumps.

  • Avoid sudden acceleration

    Increasing your bike’s speed from zero to 100 in one sudden acceleration can lead to heavy petrol consumption. Accelerating slowly and steadily with proper gear shifting is necessary for the bike’s overall health.

  • Avoid excessive braking

    Avoid sudden and sharp brakes as they can lead to petrol loss. In heavy traffic, maintain a low speed, so you are not forced to apply brakes suddenly.

  • Lubricating the chains

    If the chains in your two–wheeler are dirty, they require more power for rotation. More power equals more fuel consumption. Keep an eye on your bike chain; clean and lubricate them regularly.

Importance of Bike Insurance

Two–wheeler insurance with at least third–party liability is mandatory in India. However, by opting for a comprehensive insurance plan, you can protect the third–party liabilities and yourself. Bike insurance typically covers accidental damages sustained by your two–wheeler and personal injuries. It may also cover self–ignition and explosion damages to the bike. Other coverage includes vehicle thefts, vandalisms, floods, hailstorms, and damage during transit.

Protect Your Bike with a Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Repairing the damages caused to your motorcycle or other–s vehicles during accidents can be expensive. Invest in bike insurance to protect your savings and let your insurer pay for the damages.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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