Planning a Road-Trip Soon? Here’s a Biker’s Checklist!
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Planning a Road-Trip Soon? Here’s a Biker’s Checklist!

Almost all bikers wish to head out on a road–trip once a year, if not more often. Now, if you too love bike–rides and are planning to explore new places, you need plan how to ride safely. To that end, it is crucial for you to arm yourself with particular bikers’ must–haves that protect you and your ride. To learn about the biker accessories you need, continue reading.

Biker Accessories You Need for a Road–Trip

To ensure that your bike rides are safe for you and others nearby, it is vital that you procure the following essentials:

  • Helmet: Without a doubt, the most important biker accessory of all time is a helmet. With increasing traffic on roads, accidents and unfortunate incidents can occur at any time. However, wearing a helmet can prevent you from considerable damage and injuries. Be sure to opt for a helmet that protects both your head and facial areas. To that end, you should ideally select a full–face helmet. Additionally, consider the quality, material, and certification while buying a helmet.

  • Eye and ear protection: Usually, helmets come with attached visors to protect your eyes from damage. However, if your helmet does not have an attached visor, you must invest in eye protection gear like goggles or sunglasses. Such equipment can protect your eyes from strong wind and accompanying particles like gravel, dust, and debris. Such particles not only irritate your eyes but also cause a distraction while driving. Also, invest in earplugs to protect your ears from various noises that can damage your hearing.

  • Clothing and footwear: To ensure that you get the maximum protection while riding, you might want to invest in a motorcycle jacket. Such jackets may be costly, but they can be of immense help in safeguarding you during accidents. Additionally, you should also purchase gloves that offer a firm grip and a full range of motion. Proper footwear also makes it on this list of biker essential accessories. You can go with motorcycle boots that help you handle your vehicle and offer appropriate support. Boots can also protect you from open wounds and injuries during accidents. Add motorcycle pants or keen guards to the mix, and you can safely ride your bike and potentially reduce your chances of severe injuries.

  • Crash protection gear: You can modify your bike with crash protection components like crash bobbins, handguards, and skid–plates. Such biker accessories can protect your vehicle during collisions or crashes and save you from spending large amounts on repairs. Also, carry a small tool kit so you can perform basic maintenance or repairs. It can include tools like a few wrenches, pliers, electric tape, etc.

  • Communications system: These days, you can opt for communication systems that allow you to sync up your music, phone, and other nearby systems to communicate. With such systems, you can keep in touch with fellow riders hands–free.

  • Bike Insurance: Last but not least, you must have two–wheeler insurance. Insurance can cover you against heavy financial losses caused by unforeseen circumstances on the road. Keep in mind that in India, third–party two–wheeler insurance for bikes is mandatory.

It’s vital that you recognise the importance of having two–wheeler insurance and offers bike insurance with wide coverage and affordable premiums.

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