What Is The Penalty For Driving Without Motor Insurance?
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What Is The Penalty For Driving Without Motor Insurance?

In India, it is mandatory for all motorists to have at least third–party insurance coverage for their vehicles before driving. This rule is applicable as per The Motor vehicles Act 1988 for all kinds of vehicles including two–wheelers, cars, and larger commercial vehicles. This might make you wonder about the penalty for driving without insurance. In this blog, we will give you the information you need to know on this as well as show you why motor insurance is so important.

What is the fine for driving without insurance?

In India, the fine for driving without a valid motor insurance policy is Rs 2000 for the first offence. If the person repeats the offence for the second time, they will be fined Rs 4000. The police officer can also sentence the offender to a jail term of 3 months too.

Remember that having an expired motor insurance policy will not help you either. The car insurance expired fine too gets charged as per the amounts mentioned above.

Why is it important to enforce motor insurance?

A motor insurance policy helps protect you from the financial losses that can accompany a accident. These losses can include damages to your own vehicle as well as damages suffered by the third party involved. All of this can add up to a hefty bill which can drain your bank balance.

Therefore, all motorists need to have at least third–party coverage for their vehicles. If a third–party meets with serious or fatal injuries in an accident with you, your insurer will cover you for the payment you owe in the form of the death benefit or hospitalisation charges as ruled by the court.

Therefore, having motor insurance coverage can really give you peace of mind. Third–party motor insurance even takes care of the legal charges you have to face during such settlements.

How to pay the no insurance fine?

You can pay the fine either one of two ways –

  • Offline – Simply head to the nearest police station and inform them that you have to pay a fine. They will guide you how you can make the payment required.
  • Online – Visit the official website of the ministry of transportation of your state. Enter the details as required and provide all vehicle information. Make the payment.

You will get a receipt for your payment after you pay the fine.

In conclusion

As we can see, having motor insurance can protect you in many ways. You can protect your finances during an unforeseen calamity and also stay safe from heavy fines for driving without insurance coverage. Make sure to renew your motor insurance without fail on the due date. While you get a grace period for insurance renewal, remember that this grace period only ensures that your accumulated benefits such as NCB stay active. Your motor insurance policy itself is not active during the grace period.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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