handy tips to get you started for the rains Essentials to be packed to ensure safe travel
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handy tips to get you started for the rains Essentials to be packed to ensure safe travel

The monsoon season brings with it myriad emotions. From farmers to city dwellers, monsoons have something to offer to everyone. Despite all the love we have for the rains, there is one thing that we dread when the monsoon season arrives, and that is travel! Flooded streets, waterlogged areas, potholed roads and the mud and grime are just some of the issues. However, a little preparation can go a long way to keep you safe and comfortable. Here is a list of absolute essentials for monsoon travel for backpackers or for anyone who would like to travel during this season.

1.Rain cover for your Backpack

The last thing that you would want on your trip is a bag full of wet clothes. So, ensure that you invest in a good quality rain cover that will keep the rain away from your belongings. Ideally, we would recommend that you get a cover with a reflector strip, so that people can notice you even in a heavy downpour.

2.Poncho or knee length raincoat

A poncho turns out to be easier to tread in, as you have your hands free to trek on mountains or generally have better balance while walking in the rain. The poncho is also easy to pack and manage. A colourful poncho is advisable for better visibility.

3.Easy-Dry Clothes

The monsoon calls for clothing that doesn’t take much time to dry. The denim jeans you were thinking of carrying, don’t bother! Polyester blend clothes are recommended as they naturally repel water, and since they have the properties of cotton, they tend to dry up faster. And oh! They take way less space than normal clothing, giving you more room to pack important stuff.

4.A strong headlamp

Power outrages are common during the rains, so come prepared! Flashlights are fine too, but a headlamp serves a great purpose, so that you can have your hands free. The headlamp with retractable cords is even better, as it will occupy less space in the bag.

5.Sturdy dry bag

If you would like to protect your prized camera and other electronics, then a sturdy dry bag is what you require. In the event you cannot arrange for a dry bag, then consider using large Zip locks to keep the rain out.

6.First Aid supplies

Wading through the rain and flood water, you could easily be attacked by leeches or mosquitoes or other insects. So, if you would like to avoid infections, make sure that you treat your wounds with a good antibiotic cream before bandaging them. Among the other supplies that you plan to carry, remember to pack a mosquito repellent.

7.Clothes/Shoe fresheners

No matter how hard you try to keep yourself dry, at some point you may get totally drenched and wet clothes/shoes do not smell too good. So just toss a few air/clothes fresheners in your bag and your shoes will smell fresh for the rest of the days of your trip.

8.Garbage Bags

Yes, you read that right, these bags come in handy when you need to separate your wet clothing from your dry clothing. They also serve the purpose of keeping your clothes dry when you’re travelling as you can put wet clothes in the plastic while the dry clothes can stay in the bag. They can also save your documents and electronics from water damage and humidity.

With a little preparation and an open attitude, this is probably the most beautiful season to travel in. So, pack your bags and get ready for your monsoon adventure.

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