How To Buy Travel Insurance?
Travel Insurance

How To Buy Travel Insurance?

Buying a travel insurance policy is the most effective approach to protecting yourself from the financial risks that may arise during your travel. One question that pops up during discussions on insurance is this: ‘how much travel insurance should I buy’? It is a question you can answer the best because nobody knows the nature and scope of your trip better than you.

Scope of Travel Insurance

A travel insurance policy can serve you in diverse situations. A few circumstances wherein its benefits come into play are illustrated below to apprise you of its importance:

Medical Expenses: Accidents know no vacation. They can affect you anytime, anywhere. If you are on a trip and were to require medical assistance, then no better solution than a travel insurance policy. It promises to compensate you for medical expenses, including hospitalisation, diagnosis, ambulance services etc.

• Evacuation: During your travel, there could be a situation wherein you can fall sick and need to be evacuated back to home for treatment. There could also be circumstances wherein you may get stuck in remote places where medical facilities are not the best and you would have to be taken away to the nearest possible hospital. In such a scenario, the costs incurred to get you to a place of comfort will be compensated by your travel insurance provider.

Loss/Damage of Luggage: If your luggage is damaged or lost during transit, it could come as a big blow to you. You may also suffer significant losses by way of your lost/damaged luggage. A travel insurance policy holds provision to raise claims for compensation against such events.

Cancellation/Postponement: If you were to cancel or postpone your travel plans due to some unavoidable situations, you would like a refund of your advance booking amounts pertaining to accommodation, tickets etc. Your travel insurance policy helps in refunding these costs to you.

Personal Accident Cover: The implications of an accident can be many. If you were to get permanently disabled during your trip, a travel insurance policy looks to provide monetary compensation to you up to a certain prescribed limit. In the unfortunate event of your demise, within your travel days, your nominee is eligible to receive the sum insured amount from your travel insurance provider.

Buying Travel Insurance

There are different travel insurance policies available in the market. To access these products, you may take the online or offline route:

Offline: How to buy travel insurance offline? Well, you may visit a travel insurance provider’s office directly. An executive will guide you through the process and apprise you of their different plans. You can fill in your details and basis the provider’s approval, a travel insurance plan will be issued to you on the decided premium payment.

Online: Almost all travel insurance providers have their own websites. You can conveniently browse through their available travel insurance products. You can make comparisons between different plans offered by different travel insurance companies and choose the most appropriate plan for yourself. After providing your details, you will be able to make an online payment and receive the soft copy of your travel insurance plan on your registered e-mail ID.

Online Versus Offline

The question of how I can buy travel insurance gets answered much easily through online avenues, considering the following aspects:

• Provision for online plan and quote comparison of multiple insurance providers

• No need for insurance agents

• Minimal documentation needs

• Contactless buying

• Instant policy purchase

• Convenient and hassle-free


How to buy travel insurance is no longer a complicated question. The process has been rather simplified. You only need to make an informed decision after comparing different products to know what would fit you the best.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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