What are benefits of travel insurance?
Travel Insurance

What are benefits of travel insurance?

Imagine this: you are packing for a long-awaited travel plan. You double check that your travel documents are in place and the best clothes and camera are safely arranged. But wait, did you forget the most important thing which would ensure your trip is secured? Travel insurance! The benefits of travel insurance are plentiful. Travel insurance covers multiple risk factors and strives to improve the quality of your trip.

Why Choose Travel Insurance?

Various kind of benefits provided through travel insurance are as follows:

Emergency Medical Expenses: By way of a travel insurance policy, you would be covered for medical expenses incurred during your travel. Diseases do not discriminate and can affect you anytime. If you fall sick during your trip, you can be assured that your travel insurance will compensate for any monetary costs borne by you.

No Age Discrimination: Typically, insurance policies, such as health and life, have some age restrictions as to who can apply for their insurance products. However, in travel insurance, there is no such discrimination on the basis of traveller’s age. The advantages of travel insurance are such that you can look to ensure a new-born baby as well as a senior citizen.

Loss/Delay of Luggage: In case of loss of your luggage damage to your items, your travel insurance policy can compensate you up to the sum insured amount.

Cancellation Refunds: While you may be excited for your upcoming travel plans, there is always a possibility of it being cancelled due to personal challenges. In such a situation, you would want to get back the money you spent on tickets, accommodation booking etc. Through a travel insurance policy, you can look to invest in the cancellation coverage provision. This provision will ensure that if you were to cancel your trip in future due to legitimate reasons, you would be compensated adequately from the costs incurred by you in planning the same trip.

Cash Crunch Allowance: Thefts are commonplace in any corner of the world. As per a survey, tourists in a foreign land are more likely to get robbed than anyone else. This is because the thief may feel a tourist would not press charges, or would not have the time to record a formal report due to his/her limited time in that particular country. Hence, if you were to get robbed of all your money in a foreign land, the repercussions could be grave. However, through a travel insurance policy, your insurance provider will look to provide a fixed cash allowance to you in such emergency situations.

Personal Liability Coverage: Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. If you end up hurting any third-party during your travel, they can pose legal charges on you. In these cases, if you have invested in a robust travel insurance policy, your insurance provider will step in and provide for the expenses on your behalf.

Peace of Mind: The most understated but crucial benefit of a travel insurance is peace of mind it brings to the policy holder. More often than not, a trip is a means to rejuvenate yourself and you wouldn’t want to be affected by worries. If you have travel insurance, your mind will be relaxed as you know there is a safety cover provided for anything unfortunate that may or may not happen during your travels. This assurance is priceless.

International Travel

While you are highly advised to buy a travel insurance for all your travel plans, particularly when the destination is a country outside India. This advice could very well be a compulsion. There are various countries which maintain that tourists have to mandatorily be covered by a travel insurance. The benefits of travel insurance for international travel are as follows:

A travel insurance provides for diagnosis, treatment, ambulance services etc. in a foreign land. The high medical costs abroad, if you were to fall sick, could be a cause for great worry.

The probability of losing your luggage during an international travel is higher, because of the presence of connecting flights. Hence, it is best to procure flight insurance benefits through which your luggage loss can be compensated for.

Lastly, your passport is the most important document in a foreign country. If you were to lose it, or any other important document, your insurer may help you in getting duplicates made.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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