How To Take Care Of Your Car During Lockdown?
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How To Take Care Of Your Car During Lockdown?

COVID-19 lockdown has grounded billions of people across the world. With work from home becoming the new normal, the roads are wearing a deserted look. While commercial parking lots are empty, at residential car parking sites, the cars are jostling for space. While it is good for you and your family to stay in the confines of your homes, this hibernation is bad for your vehicle. Limited usage can adversely affect the performance of your car. It is essential to ensure that your car is in a roadworthy condition so that you can use it when you actually need it. Since lockdowns are becoming increasingly common as cases are coronavirus are spiking, you should ensure your car is well looked after.

Here are some of the simple on how to care for your car during a lockdown.

1. Park the car in shade: A basic tip of how to take care of your car while it’s not much in use is to park it in the shade. Make sure your car is parked in a safe and covered spot. If you do not have a covered parking spot, make sure to cover it with a waterproof car cover so that the paint is not damaged from long exposure to sunlight or rain. Do clean your car thoroughly so that there is no bad smell inside the car. Also, wash your car from outside so that dirt, bugs and bird droppings do not ruin the exteriors.

2. Do not keep the hand brakes on: When your car is left idle for long it is advisable not to keep the hand brakes on. Brake callipers can rust if you keep the hand brakes on for long. For additional safety, put bricks to keep your car from moving or rolling. Never leave your car on neutral gear as it can cause an accident.

3. Check the car’s battery: The list of tips and steps to take care of your car during lockdown also includes checking your car’s battery. The car battery is likely to lose charge when it is not in use for a long time. If you are not going to use your car for a long time, it’s best to disconnect the battery to prevent discharge. You can also start the car every couple of days to prevent the battery from depleting. Let the engine run for 10 minutes.

4. Keep the tyres inflated: The tyres of your car can lose air pressure when they are kept idle for a long time. This could eventually lead to a flat tyre. To avoid this situation, make sure to check the tyre pressure and keep them inflated so that in case of emergency, you are not left with flat tyres. So, how to take care of a car and ensure the tires are inflated? It simple; just move your car forward and backwards every few days to avoid this problem.

5.Maintain a full tank: While you may not be using the car during the lockdown, it is recommended that you maintain a full fuel tank. If your car has less fuel, then with time, the air above the fuel can cause condensation. This is not good for your car and can cause rusting in the long term.

6.Wax and seal for paint protection: The lockdown has many people thinking how to take care of a new car. Well, if you’re one of those people who love their car, and want to go the extra mile to protect it; you can consider protecting the paint of the car by waxing and sealing it before you put it away. Doing this will prolong the longevity of the car’s paint and keep it face despite twigs, dust, and other forms of contaminants.

7. Prevent your car from uninvited visitors like rodents: Depending on the area in which you live, and where your car is parked, there is every chance that it can become a motel for rodents, especially if it sits neglected for far too long. A good way to curb the rodents’ nuisance is to first ensure you clean your car of any food scraps. You can also considering putting a rodent repellent in your garage to prevent the car from being attacked by uninvited visitors.

8. Renew motor insurance: The most important tip on how to look after your car, irrespective of whether it is being used or not is ensure your car insurance policy is up to speed. Though your car is standstill, it is necessary for you to renew your four-wheeler insurance policy in these troubled times. The same applies for your two-wheeler insurance policy as well. Not renewing your two or four-wheeler insurance can lead to a higher premium, loss of no claim bonus and possible penalties. Not just that, in case your stationary vehicle is hit by another vehicle, you will need to make a claim. Thus, renewing your vehicle insurance is important.

Now that you know how to care for your car during a lockdown, you can ensure it is always well looked after. Stay safe and take good care of your car that takes you places.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale


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