What is the Importance of Helmet While Riding a Bike?
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What is the Importance of Helmet While Riding a Bike?

While riding a bike is a convenient way of travelling, the road can be a dangerous place due to unforeseen circumstances. To ensure that you ride safely, you must follow particular protocols and measures. One of the most important rules to follow while riding a motorcycle is wearing a helmet. This article will help you comprehend the importance of wearing a helmet while driving two–wheelers.

What is the importance of wearing a bike helmet?

No matter what kind of two–wheeler you are riding, it is crucial that you wear a helmet for the following reasons:

  • Reduces head injuries: In case you have an accident while riding your two–wheeler, a helmet can absorb the impact of a head injury. Head or brain injuries can be fatal, especially if you are not wearing a helmet and have left yourself exposed. Helmets reduce the chances of you suffering from external and internal head trauma, thus, protecting the head and saving your life.

  • Eye protection: Ideally, you should opt for a full–face helmet covering your entire face, shielding it from accidents. It also helps protect your eyes from the dust, debris, and intense light when you are driving your two–wheeler. Plus, such helmets are designed to ensure that you have full sight range so you can drive safely.

  • Vehicular control: Another benefit of wearing a helmet is that it boosts your attention while you are on the road. You tend to be more careful and control your speed when you wear a helmet, which reduces the risk of you getting into an accident.

  • Buffer from natural elements: When you ride a two–wheeler, you are exposed to the elements of nature, including the different seasons. Helmets protect your eyes, ears, and head from the weather. On windy days, motorcycle helmets prevent ears from clogging your ears or distracting you while riding. It also prevents water from seeping into your eyes during the monsoon, and your head from scorching heat in the summer.

  • Comply with laws: In India, along with motor insurance and bike insurance, wearing a helmet is also mandatory. If you fail to do so, you can attract heavy fines and punishment. Thus, you should wear a helmet to abide by the law and prevent burning a hole in your pocket due to penalties.

What are some tips to keep in mind while purchasing a helmet?

To choose the right helmet that will protect you while riding a motorcycle, you should follow the tips given below:

  • Buy multiple helmets for you and pillion riders to ensure that all riders remain safe.

  • Try to purchase a full–face helmet for complete protection.

  • Helmets also have an expiry date, so get a new helmet every 3–5 years.

  • Make sure that you clean the glass of your helmet regularly to see clearly while driving.

  • Replace your helmet if you notice it has been damaged in any way.

  • Opt for brightly coloured helmets so other drivers can see you on the road and collisions can be prevented.

Now that you are more aware of the importance of bike helmets make sure you purchase one and drive according to the law for everyone’s safety. Do keep your bike insurance renewed as well to ride in compliance with the law.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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