Motorcycle Drive Chain & Its Maintenance
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Motorcycle Drive Chain & Its Maintenance

A drive chain is an essential part of any two-wheeler. It is responsible for making your two-wheeler move. This metal chain is connected to two sprockets, out of which one is connected to the gearbox and the other to the rear wheel. If the drive chain is not maintained properly, you may face problems riding your two-wheeler. Here are ways you can maintain your motorcycle drive chain.


You must inspect the motorcycle’s drive chain and make the necessary adjustments every 700 to 800 km. You must also free up the rear wheel, check for dirt or gunk and touch the chains to prevent dryness. If the chains are filled with dirt, you need to clean them. If your chains seem dry, it helps to slather them with lubricants like grease or kerosene.


Motorcycle drive chains are covered with grease that can accumulate dirt. Over time, the dirt builds up and damages the chain. You must remove the dirt regularly. Use a brush and mild soap to clean the drive chain. Mix the soap with water to create a soap solution and lather it onto the chains with a cleaning brush. You must then rinse the chains and dry them using a cloth or blower before applying a lubricant.


Lubricating your drive chains frequently is vital. You can get the chains lubricated every 700 to 800 km. Before you apply any lubricant, make sure your drive chain is clean. Apply enough grease on the inside of the chains while you keep rotating the rear wheel forward. This way, every part of the drive chain is lubricated thoroughly. You can replace grease with a lubricant spray or kerosene.

Adjust tension

The tension in the chains needs to be correct. It cannot be too tight, nor can it be too loose. Take the chain cover off and look for sagging, if any. If the chains are sagging, the tension is too loose, and they need to be tightened. You can adjust the vehicle’s tension yourself or seek assistance from your local motorcycle mechanic. Without the proper tension, your two-wheeler may fail to run properly.


Even after frequent cleaning and lubrication, you may have to replace your motorcycle’s drive chains if they are completely worn out. Ensure you get the drive chains replaced by mechanical experts who know how to pull the chain out from the rear sprocket. The new drive chains are typically pre-lubricated. Test drive your two-wheeler after making the adjustments if required.

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