Sedentary Lifestyle Effects
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Sedentary Lifestyle Effects

We are living in an age where life is stressful in general. Meeting deadlines, taking care of expenses and managing family expectations, are part and parcel of life. In many cases, we are so focused on getting things done, that we tend to ignore the toll it takes on our health. For instance, so many of us are employed in jobs that require us to sit in one place, with a laptop or computer in front of us. That’s nine hours of the day, gone in a sedentary position. On weekends, we want to catch a break, which we do by sitting in front of a TV or mobile phone, binge watching our favourite shows. But this inactive lifestyle can be harmful for our health. Here is a look at the health risks of an inactive lifestyle.

Sedentary Lifestyle Effects

4 of the most common ill-effects of sedentary lifestyle on healthinclude the following:

  1. Obesity

    Obesity, they say, is not something that runs in the family, but something that is caused because no one runs in the family. Get it? On a more serious note, obesity is one of the most severe of all sedentary lifestyle health risks. Physical inactivity increases the risk of you gaining excessive weight. Being obese, in turn, increases your risk of developing more severe disorders and health scares like cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also lead to digestive issues. However, you can combat obesity by making small changes to your daily routine and losing weight. For instance, you can create a healthy diet, eat home-cooked meals, and include regular brisk walking in your daily routine.

  2. High blood pressure

    The list of ill effects of inactive lifestyle also includes high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure is an indication that your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood to other organs of the body. High blood pressure is very closely linked to inactivity. It can cause your heart’s health to deteriorate while you are still young. While you may have a desk-job that requires you to stay put in front of a computer screen, it can help to include light activities in your routine. For instance, you can stretch your legs every 20 minutes or take strolls during your breaks.

  3. High levels of bad cholesterol

    Besides leading an inactive lifestyle, most people are also guilty of not watching what they put into the body. Eating at erratic hours is far too common, as is skipping important meals like breakfast or eating fast food. Irregular eating habits add to high levels of bad cholesterol, which can clog arteries. This condition, in turn, can lead to severe cardiovascular disease. To mitigate inactive lifestyle effects caused due to bad eating habits, you should try to reduce the intake of saturated fats in your diet. Also create a healthy diet plan and adhere to the proper meal hours. Increasing physical activities further helps you in keeping your bad cholesterol in check.

  4. Diabetes

    Most people are under the misapprehension that diabetes is a hereditary disease and if their parents or grandparents have it, they too will inherit it; one way or the other. They also assume it to be an age-related disease. But the fact is, whether you are young or old, a lifestyle with no or less physical activity and bad eating habits, raises the risk of diabetes.Yes, diabetes is indeed an inactive lifestyle health risk. If you have a job that requires you to sit for long hours, make it a point to stand up, stretch, and move around every few minutes when you are doing office work.

  5. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure are on the rise among Indians under the age of 45. The medical costs of treating lifestyle diseases are also on the rise. Knowing about the health risks of an inactive lifestyle will compel you to make conscious efforts to ensure you are more physically active.

    While you can do a lot in terms of keeping yourself and your family healthy, you also need to prepare financially for any medical emergency. Spiralling healthcare costs can put your financial future at risk. This is where investing in health insurance policy becomes important.

    Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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